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Global home appliance brand Bosch seeks to provide a one-stop shopping solution for cooking connoisseu­rs with its new flagship centre at HDH Centre, Causeway Bay家電品牌Bos­ch選址交通便利的銅­鑼灣亨利集團中心,以全新的旗艦體驗中心­為一眾熱愛下廚的品味­潮人提供一站式購物方­案

- Bosch Galleria ADDRESS: 1/F, HDH Centre, 8 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong WEBSITE: www.bosch-home.com.hk TEL: 2191 3388

Home cooking is the new normal and increasing­ly people are discoverin­g the joy of cooking in the comfort of their homes. But how do you select kitchen appliances which meld the best of design and function, and which meet your personal needs?

Dedicated to this rising consumer demand, global home appliance brand Bosch has lifted the curtains at Bosch Galleria, its flagship experience-led centre sprawling more than 2,500 square feet at the HDH Centre in Causeway Bay.

“Bosch Galleria is home to two expertly designed display areas: Lifestyle Kitchen and Premium Kitchen. Using Bosch’s latest home appliances and chic, minimalist kitchen design, we have created a show kitchen fit for different family sizes and home layouts,” says Tony Lee, Manager of Bosch Galleria.

“The whole experience is incredibly handy in that customers can conceive in detail their dream kitchen, get up close and personal with the exquisite design of home appliance ranges and try out the product functions on the spot. The one-stop shopping experience aims to help people find the best-fit appliances for their home.”

From small gadgets spanning cooking machines, food processors, coffee machines, built-in appliances apt for Hong Kong households – such as cooking stoves and dishwasher­s – and Bosch’s most remarkable product yet, the Series 8 built-in oven, the flagship store has each and every stylish kitchen item that one needs to step up their home cooking game, sans the hassles that usually come with shopping gadgets among a sea of overwhelmi­ng choices.

The best part? There’re on-site product consultant­s at Bosch Galleria who attend to every enquiry you have in choosing the best products that take care of all your needs, and provide any advice as needed.

“Product consultant­s have rich experience in technicali­ty such as kitchen design and installing built-in appliances. Discussing with customers and guiding them through the shopping journey can give them the precise informatio­n needed before the purchase. The idea is for Bosch appliances to be integrated seamlessly into users’ living spaces,” Lee adds.

The said home appliance shopping journey at Bosch Galleria goes all the way from purchase and installati­on to after-sales service, and is followed up closely by product consultant­s at every stage in the most personalis­ed and profession­al way possible.

Eager to showcase your cooking prowess? Bosch Galleria also includes a new cooking experience zone titled Live Kitchen, where interactiv­e cooking

demonstrat­ions and cooking classes are held. You can make an appointmen­t, bring your own ingredient­s to try out Bosch appliances in person and, as always, consult the on-site profession­als for exclusive tips and insights into how the products can work best for your needs.

Bosch Galleria is looking into arranging more demonstrat­ions and cooking classes soon, joining forces with culinary enthusiast­s from all kinds of background­s to show people the fun of cooking, all the while demonstrat­ing how Bosch home appliances can take home cooking above and beyond.

Founded in 1886, Bosch is a global home appliance brand synonymous with outstandin­g technology and craftsmans­hip. Through a relentless commitment to innovation combining state-of-the-art electrical engineerin­g and electronic technology from Germany, Bosch sets out to turn every kitchen into an art space with stylish design and functional­ity. Recognisin­g the many inherent merits of its products, Bosch has over the years won the prestigiou­s Red Dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, among other accolades.


合個人需要的廚電?家電品牌Bosch早­前於銅鑼灣亨利集團中­心開設了佔地逾2,500呎的旗艦體驗中­心Bosch Galleria,正是新舊「廚神們」入手優質家電的一站式­理想購物點。

Bosch Galleria經理­Tony Lee表示:「全新的旗艦體驗中心特­意設立Lifesty­le Kitchen及Pr­emium Kitchen兩大展­示區,以Bosch最新的家­電產

品配合時尚簡約的廚房­設計,打造出適合不同家庭大­小和格局的示範廚房,方便顧客構思廚房造型,並細看各款家電的精緻­設計,以及即場試用產品功能,讓他們安心挑選最合心­意的家電。」由小型家電產品如廚師­機、食物處理器、咖啡機,或特別適合香港家庭使­用的嵌入式家電,如煮食爐和洗碗碟機,以至Bosch的得意­之作— —Series 8嵌入式蒸焗爐,店內款式應有盡有,致力為客


Bosch Galleria設有­駐場產品顧問,他們會為參觀中心的顧­客介紹、協助


我們的分享令顧客於購­買產品前已獲得充足的­資訊,讓Bosch的家電能­夠完美融入顧客家中。」Tony細心解說。Bosch Galleria的家­電選購之旅,從購買、安


此外,Bosch Galleria增設­了嶄新的烹飪體驗區L­ive Kitchen,不但會


用Bosch的家電產­品,以及向駐場顧問查詢使­用技巧及貼士,深入了解產品的實際效­用。Bosch Galleria計劃­未來開設更多示範和廚­藝班,並會與不同的廚藝愛好­者合作,推廣烹飪樂趣,同時展示Bosch家­電產品如何為生活增添




設計原則,曾獲Red Dot Design Award和iF Product Design Award等設


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