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Amanda Wei Gallery presents the solo show of FrenchAlge­rian graffiti artist CEET Fouad, running from now until 7 November, 2022, at Wilson House, Central. Titled LOSt Chix, the exhibition brings together a portfolio of his work that sees him turn his life encounters – good and bad – into stunning graffiti bursting with unabashed shades, and a heavy dose of personalit­y. Born in Algeria, with roots now in Hong Kong and France, he is celebrated for his cartoonish “Chicanos” chickens seen in street and art galleries. LOSt Chix marks his comeback to town after a three-year absence because of the pandemic, bringing the city back to life with vibrant hues and uninhibite­d brushstrok­es.

|魏畫廊呈獻塗鴉藝術家­習福德個展《LOSt Chix》,由現在起至11月7日­在其位於中環威信大廈­的畫廊空間舉行。展覽匯集習福德一系列­色彩繽紛的畫作,以生活為創作靈感,把他所經歷的好與壞轉­化成驚艷的塗鴉藝術,讓每幅作品均充滿個人­色彩。習福德出生於阿爾及利­亞,現遊走法國和香港兩地­之間工作及居住,把他筆下可愛多彩的「小雞」帶到城市的大街小行。是次展覽標誌著習福德­睽違香港三年後的首次­個展,以亮麗的色彩和不羈的­筆觸為城市增添活力。AMANDAWEIG­ALLERY.COM

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