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•餐廳亮點想要品嚐高端法式餐館美食?蘇豪區的這家熱鬧新餐廳,將有For an elevated take on French bistro food, this lively Soho熱情的店員與極佳的出品迎接你。newcomer is powered by engaging staff and an extremely talented kitchen.必點菜式WHAT浸泡於濃郁雞汁之中,烤麵包配青口與酸黃瓜,讓滋味層次TO ORDER • 於Soaked味蕾上in一rich一展chicken現。jus, the pain perdu with mussel and • 鹿pickled兒島紅cucumber薯配海膽精is選an上explosion等食材,為of尋umami常烤紅flavours.薯添上細緻質• 感Kagoshima,兩者配搭sweet亦是出奇potato地美妙topped。with sea urchin is a • 甜點方面,金箔朱古力蛋糕洋溢濃郁可可滋味,與略帶鹽味posh take on a baked potato with premium ingredients—and it’s ludicrously good.的雲呢拿雪糕是絕配。• The palet d’or is rich in cocoa flavour, paired superbly with a TATLERslightly salted推介vanilla bean ice cream.

想知為何FIND OUT BelonWHY BELON是Top IS 20 RANKED最佳食府,請看第IN OUR TOP 20頁。ON PAGE 48. G/F, 42-45 Elgin Street, Central中環伊利近街42-45號地下電話TEL: :+852 +852 2152 2152 2872 2872 HK$1,000/1,000/PERSON每人 5BELOW款以下5 HK$400400//PERSON每人

晚膳TUE星期二至日,TO SUN, 6:306:PM-3011:-11:0000PM晚上

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