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•必點菜式Pan-fried squid and Hokkaido scallops get a lift with a chorizo, • 經典菜式capsicumleandcalamar,lemondice以西inle班牙calamar.辣香腸、燈籠椒與檸檬顆粒• 為Le香filet煎魷de魚與boeuf北海道帶子提升鮮香可口的誘人滋味。is a nicely charred hunk of pan-fried beef • Le tenderloinfilet de boeuf,香煎至微焦的牛里脊扒,搭配略帶焦香滋topped with lightly caramelised foie gras that

味的鵝肝,讓人欲罷不能。almost dissolves in the mouth. • 加入金萬利橙酒的LeThe Grand Marnier-based Soufflé,輕盈而酥鬆,搭配香脆的果仁Le Soufflé is a light and airy treat頂料,再嚐一口幼滑的黑巧克力雪葩,滿足整趟美味之旅。with a crunchy, nutty topping, complemented by a smooth dark-chocolate sorbet. TATLER推介如果感覺喝不完整一整瓶香檳,不妨向侍酒師詢問是否有半瓶If的庫存可選。you can’t handle a full bottle, ask the sommelier for the selection of off-menu champagne by the half bottle.

163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan上環荷李活道163號電話TEL: :+852 +852 2956 2956 3188 3188 www.bibo.hk www.bibo.hk

MON12:TO00FRI,中午 -下午3:30; 12:00星期六至日, NOON-3:30 PM; SAT上午TO11:30SUN,-下午3:30 11:30 AM-3:30 PM晚膳DINNER星期一至五, MON6:TO00FRI,晚上 - 10:30 6:00星期六至日, PM-10:30 PM; SAT下午5:TO30SUN,-晚上10:30 5:30 PM-10:30 PM

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