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餐廳亮點進駐蘭桂坊已有一段時間的扒房,主打多款出色肉類料理,配This long-standing steakhouse in Lan Kwai Fong features菜款式也不少。numerous options for well-executed steak cuts.必點菜式WHAT TO ORDER • 芝士火鍋配白fontina松露與烤fondue麵包溫熱with的松white露芝士truffle蘸醬,and搭配grilled香脆Start with the

麵包,不失為一道濃而不膩的頭盤。ciabatta: a warm truffle-laced cheese dip accompanied by • 適合大夥人分享的意大利肉腸長通粉,入口質感彈牙,麵條crisp ciabatta bread that’s a rich, non-cloying starter. • 掛上濃稠香腸番茄醬。Best shared, the rigatoni with Italian sausage ragu is al • USDA上等肉扒物超所值;我們建議炮製至中等生熟程度,搭dente with a rich tomato-based sausage sauce. • 配店內自製烤肉醬或可口墨西哥式蕃茄辣醬,風味更佳。The USDA prime steaks are good value; served medium

rare, they’re elevated when accompanied by the restaurant’s TATLER house-blend推介steak sauce or tangy salsa verde. Bistecca 提供城中最受歡迎的半自助午餐,食物水準全天保持TATLER TIPS一致。Bistecca offers one of the most popular semi-buffet lunches in the neighbourhood.

2/F, Grand Progress Building, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central中環蘭桂坊15-16號協興大廈2樓電話TEL: :+852 +852 2525 2525 1308 1308 HK$800800//PERSON每人 5BELOW5款以下

1ROOMFOR間,可容納18-20人18-20 PERSONS HK$250 HK$250午膳星期一至日,LUNCH MON12:TO00SUN,中午 -下午3:00 12:00 NOON-3:00 PM晚膳星期一至日,DINNER MON6:TO00SUN,晚上 - 11:00 6:00 PM-11:00 PM



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