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餐廳亮點最近經翻新的「進化版」BlueThe revamped, “evolved” Blue Butcher,加入專業屠肉師傅現場Butcher now has an actual服務,更有全新菜單,而其高質肉類、嬉皮士氛圍以及友善健butcher on the ground floor and a brand-new menu—but談的服務卻始終如一。the excellent-quality meats, hipster vibe and friendly, chatty service haven’t changed a bit.必點菜式• 加利西亞煙熏牛脂蠟燭於桌邊點燃,客人可化,以麵包點蘸• 剛融化Galician的牛脂,smoked是無比惹beef味。fatThe candle is lit tableside—once • 45天熟成牧場飼養it has sufficiently melted,Rubia Gallegayou dip牛扒your是bread意外地in濃the郁,beef-鮮香fat油puddle at the base of the candlestick.脂入口即化。• The 45-day dry-aged pasture-raised Rubia Gallega is • 客人不妨點選西班牙乳豬,其烤製程度恰到好處,柔軟嫩肉ridiculously rich, with fat that simply melts in your mouth.可輕易脫離肋骨。• If you’re not as keen on beef, the Spanish suckling pig is TATLER roasted推to介perfection, with tender meat that falls off the ribs.

HK$800800//PERSON每人 55+款以上

2ROOMSFOR間,可容納8-20人8-20PERSONS HK$350 HK$350午膳星期一至五,LUNCH MON12:TO00FRI中午 -下午2:30, 12:00星期六, NOON-2:30 PM; SAT,中午12:00 -下午3:00, 12:00星期日, NOON-3:00 PM; SUN,上午11:00 -下午3:00 11:00 AM-3:00 PM晚膳星期一至日,DINNER MON6:TO00SUN,晚上 - 11:00 6:00 PM-11:00 PM

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