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Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurants (Hong Kong / Macau) (Chinese) - - 印度菜 -

蔬菜咖vegetable喱角為前菜samosa之選:香炸三角咖喱角,填滿薯仔、蔬菜The boasts a spicy filling of chopped雜燴,口感酥脆卻不覺油膩。potatoes and mixed vegetables, and are flaky but not oily. • 印度咖喱魚調味溫和,加入椰子的醬汁香濃無比。搭配新鮮The Goan fish curry is mild and flavoured with the addition

出爐的烤餅或麥餅滋味更佳。of coconut, yielding a rich sauce best served with freshly • 香滑雞肉咖喱搭配乳酪、忌廉、香料及辣椒,味道濃郁而和made naan bread or flaky chapatis. • 諧,每一口皆濃香四溢,更貼心以蒸印度米飯伴碟。The chicken korma Awadhi pairs chicken with yoghurt,

cream, spices and chillies to create a harmonious balance of TATLER richness推and介heat in every bite.

4/F, 77 Wyndham Street, Central中環雲咸街77號4樓TEL:電話 :+852 +852 2971 2971 0001 0001 HK$500500//PERSON每人 1010+款以上 HK$250

午膳MON星期一至日,TO SUN, 12:0012:NOON-00-3:003:00PM中午 下午

晚膳MON星期一TO至日SUN,, 6:晚00上6:PM-0011:-11:0000PM

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