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口感軟腍picanha,的燒上西冷是傳統巴西美味,恰到好處的脂肉比例Tender or beef rump, is the signature Brazilian cut是其廣受喜愛的原因。and is popular due to its meat-to-fat ratio. •• 羊肉多汁入味,尤其是略帶甜味的煙燻香氣的澳洲小羊排。Cordeiro is juicy and flavoursome, especially the slightly • 甜品之一的sweet and smoky香甜布australian丁,以煉乳餡餅底配以焦糖口味的牛奶咖lamb chops. • 啡與雪糕,絕對能滿足甜品控的願望。Pudim, a condensed milk flan served with a caramel-like

dulce de leche and ice cream, is sure to please your sweet TATLERtooth.推介店內有超足量的多種肉類可供挑選,因此大可不必在沙律吧挑TATLER選太多食物TIPS喔! There’s an enormous amount and variety of meat on offer, so don’t get too wild when filling up at the salad bar.

3/F, Grand Progress Building, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central中環蘭桂坊15-16號協興大廈3樓TEL:電話 :+852 +852 2790 2790 9028 9028 HK$400400//PERSON每人 55+款以上 HK$250

午膳MON星期一至五,TO FRI, 12:0012:NOON-00-2:302:30PM;中午 下午SAT星期六至日,TO SUN, 12:0012:NOON-00-3:003:00PM中午 下午

晚膳SUN星期一TO至THU,四, 6:晚00上6:PM-0010:-10:3030PM FRI星期TO五至SAT,六, 6:晚00上6:PM-0011:-11:0000PM

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