SergeS et le Phoque

Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurants (Hong Kong / Macau) - - Editor’s choice -

ead down the r oad l ess wan­dered, past the splash of the lo­cal fish­mon­ger, past the muted thud of cleaver against bone and wood, and you’ll dis­cover this most curious of French restau­rants. Il­lu­mi­nated in neon blue are the French words for “Serge and the seal”—a hint at the whim­si­calal dishes that await be­yond the heavy vel­vet cur­tains.

Now just over two years old, Serge is a lit­tlee more grown-up—not that it looks much dif­fer­ent, just that it feels more like an old friend. The front of house wel­comes any guests that walk through the doors as though they’d been com­ing for years. The laid-back aura of the din­ing room re­mains, the cyan leather ban­quettes and ply­wood ta­bles still as func­tional as the day it opened. The restau­rant, opened by a trio of food-lov­ing friends— Frédéric Pe­neau, Christophe Pelé and Charles Pel­letier, whoo

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