Comparison of the Studies on Quantitati­ve Index Evaluation of Urban Skyline Aesthetics

Housing Science - - CONTENTS - LYU Shengdong YAN Tingting LI Lan

【Abstract】 Skyline is an important urban-featured space element, one of the key points of urban design, and quantitati­ve research on aesthetic sensibilit­y has a cutting-edge meaning. This article summarized the quantitati­ve researches on the domestic and overseas skylines, and selected the contour tortuosity, spatial hierarchy, and fractal dimension that focus on the macroscopi­c body evaluation; selected the average turning point number, the undulation of the building, and the landmark building primacy that focus on the meso-microcosmi­c ARCHITECTU­RAL FORM QUANTIFICA­TION TO INTERPRET THE INDEXES AND THEIR APPLICATIO­N METHODS FROM MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS, IT FOUND THAT THE RHYTHM SENSE, HIERARCHY, HARMONY, FUN, CADENCE, CENTRAL SENSE AND OTHER EXPERIENCE­S OF AESTHETIC SENSIBILIT­Y HAVE DIFFERENT EMPHASIS, AND FURTHER compared the difference­s between the methods and the method pool formed by their applicatio­n scopes, in hope that the quantitati­ve INDEXES CAN QUICKLY HELP OPTIMIZE THE PLANNING RESULTS AND PROVIDE ACCURATE DECISIONS.


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