Folk and Buddha Songs Zhuangdiao Huolang Er

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HU Dong-hui

Abstract: Folk song in Jin and Yuan Dynasties was one of the representative works. It stood out from the folk tune“and had an important impact to rap music and opera music. Being applied this tune to Buddha song; the first one was in The Buddha name set of songs in But it only had a name of song, title of and lyrics while there was no tune. On the basis of the inheritance characteristics of Chinese traditional music“one tune with different lyrics" and“one tune with multi changes", through the comparative study of folk songs lyrics between and to explore the relationship between the two tunes possible existence dependency, so as to have a further understanding the issue that the Buddha songs gradually being folksy in Song and Yuan Dynasties.

Key Words: song, (the name of the tunes to which qu are composed) 上接124页————————

Research on the Significance and Value of Apprenticeship Reconstruction in Liuqin String Opera ——From Teaching in Art School to Apprenticeship

LI Chun-ying folk song, Buddha

Abstract: As one of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Liuqin String Opera has been carrying out the approach of mentoring to cultivate a lot of outstanding artists, who are highly skilled with unique solo singing, making Liuqin String Opera the primary one in the lower Reaches of Yellow River. However, this traditional approach has been replaced by the centralism teaching in the art school since 1950s. This transformation has brought some vigor to the development of Liuqin String Opera. Meanwhile, there are also some issues and problems. Considering the characteristic of the traditional opera, a comparative analysis has been made in this paper between the two ways of teaching, apprenticeship and centralism teaching, in which the significance and value of apprenticeship has been emphasized as the key to protect the traditional art.

Key Words: Liuqin String Opera, apprenticeship, formation, value, significance

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