Someone …… — Recalled the Past of Tong Zhongliang’s Teaching Things

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ZANG Yi-bing

Abstract: On the occasion of the ten- year anniversary of the death of Tong Zhongliang, in the making a self- examination of Chinese music academic and educational atmosphere of the moment, that we recall the daily words and deeds of those who have made valuable contributions to the Chinese music academic and education, staring at their“sincerity”of life, which not only to retain those“histories without write down”but also a mirror to see the future. With the memories of the author following Tong Zhongliang to study the course of Yue Xue, this paper recalled the past of Tong Zhongliang’s teaching activities. The author made a cultural stating and indepth interpretation with the anthropology of music style by discussing the educator Tong Zhongliang’s personality and his scholarly research.

Key Words: Tong Zhongliang (1935- 2007), anthropology of music, education, (the knowledge of music), Wuhan Conservatory of Music

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