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中国经贸 : 14 : 13


中国经贸 规则的合作与衔接。 (五) 加强联动协调, 拓宽中美服务贸易全方­位交流渠道 当前, 应充分发挥各类主体作­用, 官产学研媒携手推动双­边服务贸易发展。 除了发挥我国中央政府­与美国联邦政府间谈判­磋商作用外, 还应加强中美间省州地­方政府与企业在服务贸­易领域的合作。同时, 要注重发挥智库的独特­作用, 支持智库机构“二轨外交”。 开展中美 深化和拓展中美智库对­话交流机制, 加强双方在服务贸易统­计、 服务贸易模式、 数字服务贸易等新兴领­域的探讨与交流。 参考文献 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] 隆国强, 王伶俐. 对中美贸易失衡及其就­业影响的测度国际贸易, 与分析李俊 美国塑造服务业全球优­势及中国的战略选择对­外经贸实务, 李俊. 中美须在扩大开放中发­展服务贸易经理人, 崔艳新 中美知识产权服务贸易­发展战略研究际贸易, 费娇艳 新形势下中美双边服务­贸易发展济合作, [J]. 2018 (5). 2015 (9). [J]. [J]. [J]. [J]. 进出口 2015 (10). 2019 (4). 2017 (12). 国 国际经 Thoughts and Countermea­sures of China-US Service Trade Cooperatio­n under the Background of Global Outbreak of COVID-19 Together with Economic and Trade Frictions LI Jun CUI Yanxin SUN Minghao ZHAO Ruojin (Chinese Academy of Internatio­nal Trade and Economic Cooperatio­n) power The United States is the world s largest service economy and service trade China has vigor⁃ ously promoted the opening up of the service industry and the innovation and developmen­t of service trade in recent years cooperatio­n, China and the United States have strengthen­ed service trade which is in line with the two strategies years, countries economic and industrial complement­ary advantages and developmen­t In recent the status China-US significan­tly, of service trade in bilateral economic and trade cooperatio­n has risen however compared to trade, countries the scale of the service economy and service there still has a large potential between the two At present, China-US COVID-19 the service trade has to deal with double pressure of the severe impact of global and countries time, economic and trade frictions between the two At the same it also faces the challenges of the imple⁃ China-US mentation of the service procuremen­t plan under the first phase of the economic and trade agreement and cooperatio­n challenges, the service trade Considerin­g the coexistenc­e of pressure and the two sides should take the together, opportunit­y to fight against the global epidemic thus they can properly handle the difficulti­es in implemen⁃ agreements, frictions, ting the first stage economic and trade manage and control the trend of economic and trade so that they can create conditions for China to further expand the opening up of the service industry and tap the poten⁃ cooperatio­n tial of bilateral service trade China-US trade; COVID-19 pandemic; China-US service F19, F51, L88 Abstract: Keywords: Classifica­tion: JEL economic and trade frictions (责任编辑: 余淼杰) 13 2020 5 国际贸易 年 第 期

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