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The Bell FCX-001 is an experimental rotor aircraft built by Bell Helicopter. It was unveiled in Dallas at the Heli-expo 2017 on March 7, 2017.

The FCX-001 is concept, futuristic-looking aircraft. The mock up presented in Dallas was configured for 8 passengers, though the aircraft aims to accomodate 12. On top of the aircraft are five morphing rotor blades. This unique design aims to allow the tip of each blade to move in order to accomodate different flight regimes. This feature is supposed to maximize efficiency and performance, while also reducing noise. The airframe of the FCX-001 is slightly larger than that of a Bell 412.

The FCX-001 employs a hybridized propulsion, combining advanced thermal engine cores for the main propulsion with other propulsions systems, such as electric distributions and motors to drive the anti-torque system for more control and simpler operations and maintenance.

The advanced anti-torque concept is one of the key innovations included in the FCX-001. The new anti-torque system will completely revolutionize the safety, noise, and performance parameters of vertical lift aircraft. In the FCX001, the anti-torque system is embedded in the tail boom for enhanced safety.

Using sustainable materials to provide structural performance, the airframe design of the FX-001 is both striking and appealing. Bell is exploring ways to optimize the combination of materials and geometry to enhance visibility and space. The airframe is the main area in which energy management can be upgraded, and Bell is currently aiming to harvest, store, and distribute energy forms not already being usefully employed in the vehicle.

The FCX-001 removes the traditional Multi Functional Display (MFD) flight deck to enhance visibility from the pilot seat, creating an entirely new experience. It envisions a future scenario in which the pilot controls the aircraft with the aid of augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistance system. This moves from the computer augmented piloting of contemporary Fly-by-wire Systems to optionally piloted systems, in which the pilot assumes the role of safety and mission officer aboard the aircraft and the computer flies with him. This is a stepping stone to fully autonomous, unpiloted aircraft.

The heart of the fly-by-wire system of the FCX-001 contains three separate, independent flight control computers. Upon receiving digital commands from the pilot, the system evaluates and calculates the optimal method to enact the order, then carries it out. The three-computer system ensures that the aircraft is not compromised and is supported by system redundancy.

The cabin of the FCX-001 employs a modular flooring system to allow for rapid seating configuration changes. The aircraft can be quickly and conveniently configured to accomodate a wide range of passenger, cargo, or mission-based requirements.

The FCX-001 promises exciting things for the future of the helicopter industry. The attention to optimizing formerly ignored energy sources typifies this forward-looking concept aircraft. From the rotors to the landing gear, the FCX-001 seeks new ways to optimize, streamline, and economize, promising to offer the best performance seen in any helicopter to date, and doing so at all new levels of efficiency.


FCX- 001是一款充满未来感的概念机。在达拉斯展出的模型可以容纳8名旅客,不过该机型目标是载客12人。在直升机的顶部是5个可变旋翼桨叶。这一独特设计旨在使翼尖能够适应不同飞行姿态。该设计将积极性和性能提升至最佳,并降低了噪音。FCX-001的机体比贝尔412稍大。

FCX- 001采用混合推进系统,融合了高级热发动机核心作为主推进器以及其他推进系统,如配电和电机驱动反矩系统,操作和维护更加简单。

高级反矩概念是FCX- 001的主要革新之一。这一全新反矩系统将会完全革命垂直起降飞机的安全性、噪音和性能参数。FCX-001的反矩系统完全嵌入尾梁中,安全性更好。

使用环保材料提升结构性能, FCX- 001的机体设计非常特别且吸引人。贝尔正在探索材料和几何学的最佳融合,不断提升视野和空间。机体是能量管理升级的主要部分,贝尔目前正在采集、存储和分配尚未有效被直升机行业利用的能量表。

FCX-001抛弃了传统的多功能显示器( MFD)驾驶舱,增强了驾驶员的视野,打造了全新的体验。该机型展望了未来的场景,飞行员使用增强现实和人工智能计算机辅助系统操纵飞行。这一理念抛弃了传统电传操纵系统的计算机增强驾驶,转向随机应变驾驶系统,飞行员称为了机上的安全官和任务官,计算机帮助他们飞行。这是全自动无人驾驶飞机的里程碑。

FCX- 001电传操纵系统的核心包括三个分隔、独立的飞行操纵计算机。根据接收的飞行员电子指令,系统会评估和计算响应指令的最优方式,然后执行。三个计算机系统确保直升机系统具有很高的安全裕度。

FCX- 001的座舱采用了模块化地板系统,能够快速改变座椅布局。该机能够快速、方便地满足各种旅客、货物数量及任务需求。

FCX- 001为未来直升机产业燃起新的亮点。关注发动机资源的优化是该机型的前沿理念。从旋翼到起落架, FCX-001用全新的方式优化,提升流线型和经济性,打造目前最佳性能的直升机,并达到全新的经济性级别。

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