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The sixth Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE), held at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport in April, celebrated a resurgence of interest and activity in private aviation throughout the Greater China region. Staged in partnership between the U.S. National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the Shanghai Airport Authority (SAA), and co-hosted by the Asian Business Aviation Association (ASBAA), this was the largest ABACE yet. The more than 180 exhibitors – forty percent Asian based – showcased a full range of business aviation products and services, crowned by the 33 aircraft on static display.

At the opening session, attended by a host of dignitaries and officials from China, the U.S., France and international agencies, Jiang Huaiyu, director general of the Eastern Regional Headquarters for the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), stressed the importance of a strong business and general aviation industry “to provide diversified aviation services” the country requires. Signs that the industry’s strength is growing abounded at show’s site at the Hawker Shanghai Pacific Business Aviation Service Center (SHPBASC).

The China market is “waking up,” proclaimed Jean-michel Jacob of Dassault Falcon, whose flagship long-range Falcon 8X was on display. “It was quiet for the last two years, but now there is some real movement,” he said. One Chinese customer has an 8X on order, “and there are many negotiations in progress already.” With a range of 11,950 km (6,450 nm), the 8X can fly from Shanghai to much of the U.S., including Chicago, all of Europe, most of Africa and all of Asia Pacific.

A full spectrum of business aircraft from pistons through intercontinental jets, along with special mission aircraft and

第六届亚洲公务航空会展( ABACE)于四月在上海虹桥国际机场举行,共同庆祝大中国区私人航空市场活力复苏。由亚洲公务航空协会主办,美国国家公务航空协会( NBAA)和上海机场集团( SAA)协办的本次会展规模为历次最大。超过180家参展商( 40%为亚洲参展商)展出了各类公务航空产品和服务,创纪录33架飞机进行了进行了静态展示。


达索猎鹰的简-米歇尔·雅各布表示,中国市场正在“觉醒”,他们带来了远程猎鹰8X旗舰机型参加展示。他说:“过去2年较为平静,但如今开始有些实际动作了。”一位中国客户订购了一架8X,“并且还有很多意向正在谈判阶段。” 8X航程达到11950公里( 6450海里),能够从上海飞到美国,包括芝加哥,涵盖全欧洲、大部分非洲和全亚太。

从活塞式公务机到洲际喷气机,从特殊任务飞机到直升机均参加了本届展会。不过,停机坪上的明星当属首次来华参展的HA-420本田喷气机,其独特的翼上发动机布局专利和先进的设计特性非常令人瞩目。这款飞机由日本本田汽车公司的子公司美国本田飞机公司制造,该公司总裁、CEO藤野道格将来华首展称为“历史性时刻”。据本田公务机介绍,这款六座喷气机可单飞行员操作,比其他轻型喷气机节油17%,速度更快( 782公里/小时, 422节),升限更高( 13106米/ 43000英尺)。


helicopters was showcased at the exposition. But the star of the ramp was the HA-420 Hondajet, with its unique, patented over-the-wing engine mounts and advanced design features, in its Chinese debut. Built by Honda Aircraft, U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s Honda Motors, company president and CEO Michimasa Fujino called the introduction to China “a historical moment.” The sixpassenger jet can be operated by a single pilot, and is 17 percent more efficient, faster (782 kph/422 kts.) and flies higher (13,106 m/43,000 ft.) than other light jets, according to Hondajet.

Elsewhere at the show, service providers unveiled new offerings and partnerships highlighting the vibrancy and strength of the regions support structure. Business Aviation Asia Ltd. announced an alliance with Europe’s Luxaviation Group to bring enhanced aircraft management services to business jet owners in the Greater China region. Aviation services provider Deer Jet introduced a prepaid FBO services card, making it easier for business jet owners to make FBO payments, and providing discounts on ground handling and other services at Deer Jet FBOS. Shenzhen’s Amber Aviation announced its launch, with a satellite office in Hong Kong and ambitions to become a leading regional jet management firm. Activity this past year at SHPBASC, Shanghai’s only full service FBO, un-official co-host of the event, and bellwether of the region’s business aviation fortunes, appears to confirm the turnaround. Year-over-year traffic at the facility increased 11 percent, according to SHPBASC general manager Carey Matthews.

Momentum appears to be on business aviation’s side. Also at the show, ASBAA and Avic Foundation signed a four-year agreement, effective immediately, to jointly develop educational and other initiatives to foster a flourishing general aviation industry in China. Avic Foundation is part of Avic General, China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (Caiga), China’s general aviation development agency. ASBAA Chairman Charlie Mularski hailed the agreement as “a significant public-private partnership” benefitting “all key stakeholders.” The signing fittingly occurred during ASBAA Discovery, the gathering’s student careers day.

ABACE returns to Shanghai April 17-19, 2018. Make sure you’re onboard.

活动记录明显好转。据其总经理Carey Matthews介绍,该中心年飞机流量增长11%。

公务航空业的势头很好。在本届会展上,亚洲公务航空协会与广东爱飞客公益基金会签署了一项4年协议,将立即开始在中国共同推进通用航空与商务航空文化的普及与推广。爱飞客公益基金会由大型国企中航工业通飞( AVIC General)发起。亚洲公务航空协会主席Charlie Mularski表示,协议是惠及“所有重要利益攸关方”的“一个重要公私合作关系”。签字仪式在ASBAA探索日举行,也是学生参与的职业日。

下届亚洲商务航空会展将于2018年月4 17日至19日在上海举行。相信您一定会参加。


The sixth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition will be held at Macau International Airport from November 3-5, 2017. At the last exhibition in 2016, Jackie Chan’s newest private plane – the Embraer Lineage 1000E painted with his iconic dragon motif, as well as the ultra-long-range deluxe business jet Gulfstream G650ER and other mainstream plane models were showcased. While displaying the most representative business planes, the exhibition will also sponsor summit forum of the industry, promotion of exhibitors, business plane boarding experience, and seaplane flying experience and other events at the same time. Potential buyers from various nations will have the opportunity to meet and talk with corporate representatives and experts of business plane manufacturing, operation, service, financing, leasing, and pilot training.


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