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Dassault’s Falcon 8x has already proven popular since its launch in 2016, mostly thanks to its ultra-long range (6,450 nm), which allows for direct flights between city pairs such as Hong Kong - Paris, London - Cape Town, and Los Angeles - Beijing. However, the jet is now even more attractive thanks to a stunning new cockpit innovation known as the ‘Falconeye’.

The Falconeye Combined Vision System offers pilots an unprecedented view of the world. It’s the first HUD (heads-up display) that combines synthetic, databasedriven terrain mapping and actual thermal and low-light camera images in a single view, allowing for enhanced situational awareness for flight crews. Developed using military technology, Falconeye is equipped with a fourth-generation multi-sensor camera that generates exceptionally high definition images. In synthetic vision system (SVS) mode, the camera displays a 40° horizontal by 30° vertical field of view with a 1280x1024 resolution – one of the widest angles on any HUD. This ensures full coverage of the viewing area with no tunnel vision. Six different multispectral sensors make up the Falconeye camera package – four for the day time, one for the night time, and one thermal (infrared). The system fuses images from all of these sensors to present the best image to the pilot. One of the sensors can see LED lights, which are found at a growing number of airports. Earlier HUDS showed

only flight instrument information, while later models added infrared imagery. Falconeye is the first HUD to be certified with combined vision.

As well as this exciting innovation, the Falcon 8x jet offers a choice of 30 layouts in its 42.67-foot cabin – the largest in the Falcon fleet. Noise and cabin altitude are kept low, and the air quality high. Complete connectivity is possible within the cabin, which is Falconcabin HD+ equipped and Wifi capable. The Falconcabin HD+ cabin management system gives passengers control over their environment from anywhere in the cabin through their Apple devices. Skybox – the wireless media server with vast itunes video and music capacity – is also available as an option. The jet’s cockpit is equipped with an EASY flight deck as well as a Honeywall next-generation 3D color weather radar system with enhanced turbulence detection capability.

The Falcon 8x is powered by Pratt and Whitney Canada turbofans which deliver more pounds of thrust per each pound of fuel, resulting in a reduction of NOX emissions that rank 30% lower the strictest of today’s standards. The operating cost of the Falcon 8x is 35% lower than its competitors. Flying at a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet, its maximum speed is .90 Mach.

What’s more, the spacious Falcon 8x cabin can accommodate much more living space than previous models. Best of all, the space is highly configurable to meet the needs of each owner or operator. One can opt for a comfortable threelounge cabin with a shower aft and crew rest provisions forward, or even go for a shorter entryway to add yet more lounge space. Other possibilities among the 30 different cabin layouts include a large entryway with spacious, lie-flat crew quarters, and a truly grand galley for multiple meals.

Now with Falconeye as a further option (selected by the vast majority of buyers), the Falcon 8x is one of the best models of its kind in the jet market today. Future capabilities for Falconeye include operational credit to descend to 100 feet using the HUD during instrument approaches, offering the ability to land in conditions that normally would require diverting to another airport. Meanwhile, the innovation is already taking the Falcon experience to a new level, illuminating the darkness outside of the cockpit.

达索猎鹰8x自2016年推出以来就受到市场追捧,这主要归功于其超远程飞行距离( 6,450海里),它能轻松完成香港–巴黎,伦敦–开普敦和洛杉矶-北京等直飞航线。现在,令人惊叹的新型驾驶舱创新猎鹰之眼( Falconeye)视景结合系统更令这款顶级商务机如虎添翼。

猎鹰之眼视景结合系统可为飞行员提供前所未有的广阔视野。这是第一个将综合数据库驱动地形绘图与实际的热感和微光拍照图像集成在一个视图中的HUD(平视显示器),可以提高飞行人员的态势感知能力。猎鹰之眼采用军事技术开发,配备第四代多传感器摄像头,可生成超高清图像。在综合视景系统( SVS)模式下,相机以1280x1024的分辨率显示水平40°垂直视场,这是所有HUD最宽的角度之一。这将确保可视区域全面覆盖,避免隧道视野。


除了该项令人兴奋的创新之外,达索猎鹰8x商务机在猎鹰系列机型中最大的42.67英尺机舱内提供30种布局方案。这款飞机可保持低噪音和机舱高度,出色的空气质量。客舱内实现全面 网络连接,配备高清全数字客舱管理系统( Falconcabin HD)及网络Wifi。凭借高清全数字客舱管理系统与客舱管理系统,乘客可使用苹果设备在机舱的任何位置控制环境。Skybox是另一个可选项,它是配备巨大itunes视频和音乐容量的无线媒体服务器。该款商务机的驾驶舱还配备了EASY驾驶舱和具有增强湍流探测功能的Honeywall新一代3D彩色气象雷达系统。

达索猎鹰8x搭载Pratt和Whitney Canada涡扇发动机,每磅燃料所提供的推力更大,同时降低氮氧化物排放量,较目前最严格的标准还要低30%。达索猎鹰8x的运营成本比竞争对手低35%。最高飞行高度51,000英尺,最高飞行速度0.90马赫。



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