Leonardo AW609 Tiltrotor

莱昂纳多AW609 TILTROTOR倾转旋翼机

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One of the most versatile aircrafts in production today, the AW609 Tiltrotor combines all the advantages of a helicopter with the benefits of a fixed-wing aircraft. When it launches in 2019, this hybrid will offer the best of both worlds – landing vertically, as well as flying like an airplane thanks to its tilting rotors.

The AW609 Tiltrotor has a composite airframe, full fly-bywire digital controls, and an advanced touch-screen cockpit. These state-of-the-art technologies will provide all-new levels of safety, performance, and reliability for operators, along with affordability. With its impressive ability to take off and land vertically, and to fly above adverse weather conditions in a pressurised cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, this dream-machine represents the next generation of aircraft for the commercial, defence, and para-public markets. It is aimed predominantly at the civil aviation sector, particularly VIP customers and offshore oil and gas operators. A multi-role aircraft, it can be configured for commercial applications such as executive and private transport, emergency medical services, and search and rescue operations.

The AW609 Tiltrotor is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67A turboshaft engines, each driving a threebladed proprotor. These engines have roughly twice the horsepower of the similarly sized Agustawestland AW169 helicopter. The two engines and proprotor pairs are mounted on a load-bearing rotatable pylon at the ends of the wing, which means that the proprotors can be positioned at a variety of angles. In helicopter mode, they can be positioned at a 75- to 95-degree angle from horizontal, with an optimum vertical hover achievable at 87 degrees. To switch into airplane mode, the proprotors are rotated forward and locked into position at zero degrees, spinning at 84% RPM. The transition is effected by advanced flight control software, and automated systems guide pilots to the correct tilting angle and air speed settings.

As for its specifications, the AW609 Tiltrotor can accommodate a maximum of two pilots and nine passengers in a composite pressurized fuselage. It features Triplex “Fly-by-wire” flight controls and state-of-the art avionics with touch screen displays. Its cruising altitude is 25,000 feet. It is set to launch on the market in 2019.

AW609 Tiltrotor倾转旋翼机是目前用途最广泛的量产机型之一,融合了直升机与固定翼飞机的所有优势。这款计划于2019年推出的混合机型将成就两全其美的结果——既能垂直起降,又因得益于倾斜旋翼,还能像固定翼飞机那样飞行。

AW609 Tiltrotor倾转旋翼机拥有复合材料机身、全面电传操纵的数字化控制系统以及先进的触摸屏驾驶舱。这些一流的技术将为操作人员提供全新水平的安全性、高性能、可靠性以及经济性。它拥有令人惊叹的垂直起降能力,并借助加压座舱在不利天气条件下飞行,且速度与航程是普通直升机的两倍,因此对于商业、防卫与准公共市场而言,这款梦想机型代表着下一代飞机。其主要瞄准民用航空领域,尤其是VIP客户以及离岸石油与天然气运营商。作为多用途飞机,该款飞机经相应配置后投入商用,如:高管与私人交通、紧急医疗服务以及搜索救援作业。

AW609 Tiltrotor 倾转旋翼机的动力来自两台加拿大普惠公司PT6C-67A涡轮轴发动机,每台发动机驱动一个三叶螺桨旋翼。AW609 Tiltrotor的外形 尺寸与Agustawestland AW169直升机差不多,但马力几乎是AW169的两倍。两台发动机和一对螺桨旋翼都装在翼尖处一个可转动的承重短舱里,从而使螺桨旋翼处于各个不同角度。在直升机飞行模式下,螺桨旋翼可从水平方向转到75°~95°之间,垂直悬停的最佳角度为87°。当在飞行模式时,螺桨旋翼前伸处于0°位,转速( RPM)为84%。直升机和飞机两种飞行模式之间的转换由先进的飞行控制软件处理,自动化系统还能帮助飞行员选取正确的倾转角度和速度。

在其规格方面, AW609 Tiltrotor倾转旋翼机的复合材料机身最多可搭载两位飞行员以及9位乘客。它采用了Triplex“电传操纵”飞行控制系统以及一流的航空电子设备与触摸屏显示器。其巡航高度为25,000英尺。该款飞机预定于2019年推向市场。

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