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In lieu of the launch of the Grand S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 – a lighter with both soft and torch flames – the Parisian label debuted a complementing cigar series comprising a 91mm cigar cutter with black lacquer detailing; bi-material cigar cases made with a stainless steel engraved base; as well as humidors in Atelier blue or sunburst brown, both of which were crafted from hand-made lacquers that accentuate the box’s cedar wood base.配合全新推出、结合传统柔和火焰与直冲式火焰的Ligne 2打火机,法国都彭为奢华的雪茄世界呈献一系列产品,包括91毫米长、表面饰以黑色亮漆的雪茄剪;内层以不锈钢制成的双物料雪茄盒;以及备有Atelier旭日炫光蓝色及旭日炫光棕色两种饰面的雪茄保湿盒,两款保湿盒均采用优质雪松木制成,并以人手涂上天然亮漆,尽显优雅气派。

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