Interiors of new aircraft take the spotlight at world’s largest bizav gathering新款飞机的内饰成为全球最大bizav展会的焦点

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The world’s largest business aviation gathering, the 2017 edition of the National Business Aviation Association’s annual Business Aviation Convention and Exposition (NBAA-BACE), held in Las Vegas, Nevada last October, put deluxe aircraft interiors in the spotlight as manufacturers showcased the cabins of several new jets.

Bombardier’s eagerly anticipated but long overdue Global 7000, the world’s largest purpose built business jet, made its public debut at the show. Featuring what Bombardier calls the only true four-zone cabin in a business jet, the newest Global has a gourmet galley and full bed and shower option. But only position holders of the US$72.8 million jet, slated to enter service in the second half of this year, were invited aboard during the show. We got a sneak peak and can report the interior is a work in progress, as certification test equipment occupied large parts of the interior.

Gulfstream introduced the cabin of its long-range G600, follow on to the G500, which features new mission-focused seating, and options for a fixed bed and divans that convert into beds. The interior reflects customer feedback received since a mockup of the interior was displayed at the 2014 convention. Scheduled to enter service this year, the flexible interior of the US$56.2 million G600 can be sectioned into four living areas.

Embraer unveiled its Phenom 300E (for “Enhanced”), an update of the world’s best selling business jet, at the event. The E model features new seats, more room and improved CMS/ IFE system (Cabin Management System/in-flight Entertainment). Most intriguing is the upper technology, or “tech” panel along the centerline of the cabin ceiling, which displays inflight information and incorporates an upgraded cabin lighting scheme, with a broad range of ambient mood selections. Further customization options for the US$9.45 million light jet start at US$300,000.

Embraer also introduced enhancements to its Legacy 500 and 450, including FANS (Future Air Navigation Systems) for the cockpit, and new Internet connectivity and seating options for the cabin. (Jackie Chan took delivery of the first Legacy 500 in China, and is an Embraer brand ambassador.)

去年10月,世界大最大的公务航空聚会,2017年版美国国家公务航空协会的年度公务航空会议及展览会( NBAA-BACE)在内华达州拉斯维加斯举行,豪华飞机内饰成为会上的一大焦点,几家制造商竞相展示其新机型的豪华客舱。

众人翘首以盼的全球最大公务机庞巴迪( Bombardier)global 7000在此次展会上首次公开亮相。这款被庞巴迪称为唯一真正配备四区客舱的最新Global公务机拥有美食厨房、整张床和淋浴设备。在展出其间,仅这款公务机的订购人获得邀请登机,这款飞机价值7280万美元,将于今年下半年投入使用。我们有幸窥得先机,报道这款飞机,目前内饰部分尚未完成,因为出厂证明测试设备占据内饰的很大一部分。

湾流航空航天公司( Gulfstream)为远程G600打造了专属客舱, G600是G500的升级版,配备任务型座位,可选择固定床和可折叠沙发床。客舱内饰吸取了自2014年展会展出内饰模型以来收到的反馈意见。G600计划今年投入使用,价值5,630万美元,它设计灵活,可以分为四个生活区。

巴西航空工业公司( Embraer)推出了Phenom 300E增强版, Phenom 300E是全球最畅销公务机的升级版本。E机型配备了新座椅、更大空间并改进了CMS / IFE(客舱管理系统/机上娱乐)系统。其最大亮点在于采用了前沿科技,即:沿客舱天花板中心线的“科技”面板,可显示机上信息,同时纳入了升级的客舱照明方案,提供广泛的环境情绪选项。轻型飞机售价945万美 元,定制选配30万美元起价。

巴西航空工业公司 还进一步完善了Legacy 500和450,包括驾驶舱的FANS(未来空中导航系统)、客舱互联网和座位选项。(中国生产的首架Legacy 500交付给了该公司的品牌形象大使成龙。)

值得关注还有一款更加精简的飞机内饰:中国航空服务供应商金鹿公务机有限公司宣布将委托迪拜的旅行保障服务商UAS International Trip Support负责787 Dream Jet的包机管理业务, Dream Jet是全球唯一的国家元首级梦幻飞机( Dreamliner)。Dream Jet设有主休息室、用餐区、主卧室和客舱,金鹿公务董事长兼总裁张鹏表示:“它体现了我们品牌的座右铭‘让旅行成为艺术(’ Making travel an art)。”

赛斯纳飞机公司( Cessna)首次展示了客舱模型Citation Hemisphere。它是该公司的第一款大客舱喷气机,计划于2020年投入使用。这款机型的天窗为这架价值3500万美元飞机带来了更多自然光,客舱分为三个区。厨房选配包括双烤箱和冰酒柜,以及完全躺椅式座椅,确保乘客旅途舒适。值得一提的是: Hemisphere的音响系统采用了传感器,而非传统的扬声器,无论位于客舱何处均能提供绝佳的音响体验。

更多客舱设计有望在未来陆续推出。在此次展会上,瑞士的Comlux Aviation宣布已中标合同,为新一代波音公务机BBJ Max 8制造一款VIP客舱。今年下半年,这款飞机将抵达Comlux的美国完工中心,整机则将于

Also making news with a more rarefied aircraft interior: China-based aviation services provider Deer Jet announced Dubai’s UAS International Trip Support will handle charter management of its 787 “Dream Jet,” the world’s only head-ofstate configured Dreamliner. The Dream Jet interior features a main lounge, dining area, master bedroom and guest cabin, and “embodies our brand motto of ‘Making travel an art,’” said Zhang Pang, Deer Jet chairman and president.

Cessna unveiled a cabin mockup of the Citation Hemisphere, the company’s first large cabin jet, scheduled to enter service in 2020. Skylights add plenty of natural light into the US$35 million jet’s three-zone cabin. Options for the galley include dual ovens and a wine chiller, and the fully berthable seats ensure passengers can arrive refreshed. Also noteworthy: The Hemisphere’s sound system uses transducers rather than traditional speakers, creating a great sound experience anywhere in the cabin.

Expect more premium interior developments in the future. Switzerland’s Comlux Aviation announced at the show it has been awarded a contract to complete a VIP cabin completion for a BBJ Max 8, the next generation Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). The jet will arrive at the Switzerland company’s U.S. completion center later this year, and be ready for service by the autumn of 2019. This announcement followed Comlux’s selection to perform the VIP completion for an Airbus Acjneo, the next generation Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ). Comlux has partnered with four design firms - Alberto Pinto Design, Designq, Unique Aircraft and Winch Design – specifically to develop cabin concepts for ACJ neo and BBJ MAX completions.

Completions are complex projects, and lest any customers desire third party help overseeing the job, Mente Group, a U.S. consultancy, announced at the show it has partnered with Richard Roseman Airborne Designs to form E-first/white Glove, a completions management service that offers “predictive derisking and advanced program oversight for narrow and widebody aircraft projects for head-of-state and VVIP customers.”

Some of the finished products could be on display by the time of the next NBAA-BACE, scheduled for Oct. 16-18 in Orlando, Florida.

2019年秋季投入使用。在此之前, Comlux将为新一代空中客车公务机Airbus Acjneo完成VIP客舱。Comlux与四家设计公司携手合作,又即: Alberto Pinto Design、Designq、Unique Aircraft和Winch Design,专门为完成ACJ neo和BBJ MAX开发客舱概念。

飞机完工验收涉及一系列复杂项目,为了避免客户请求第三方协助监督工作,美国顾问公司Mente Group在展会上宣布与Richard Roseman Airborne Designs合作,成立一家完工管理服务公司E-first / White Glove,为国家元首级和VVIP客户的窄机身飞机和宽体飞机项目提供预测性降险和高级项目监督服务。

一些飞机成品计划于10月16- 18日在佛罗里达州奥兰多举行的下一届NBAA-BACE展会上与公众见面。



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