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Thanks to a recently signed deal between Joby Aviation and a group of heavyweight industry investors, commuting by air taxi is starting to look like less of a sci-fi fantasy and more of a reality. Researchers at Joby Aviation – a venture-backed startup with offices in Santa Cruz and Redwood City, California – noted that more than a billion people spend over one hour a day in traffic. Emissions from transport are one of the largest sources of pollution on earth. Travel infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels are becoming more expensive to maintain and build. Therefore, Joby’s main mission is to solve these issues by delivering safe and affordable air travel to all, while advancing the transition to sustainable transportation.

Thanks to the $100 million Joby Aviation has recently raised from a variety of investors, including the venture capital arms of Jetblue, Toyota and Intel, the startup has made another significant step on its journey to creating the safe, affordable, and sustainable air taxi it has been planning for a decade. With this fresh injection of capital, Joby now has approximately $130 million available to lead the development of the new air taxi.

With over dozen electric or hybrid vehicles now slated for production in the future, Joby’s strategy has broken the mould over its decade of operation by keeping plans for its vehicles out of the public eye. However, it has revealed that its electric vehicle is “absolutely all new”. As well as zero emissions, the aircraft will be ultra-quiet and just fast enough to be a feasible and attractive alternative to driving.

The Joby S2 – is a visually striking two-seater plane concept that uses 12 tilting electric propellers to provide multirotor-style balanced VTOL capabilities. When it reaches cruising speed, these rotors fold away into aerodynamic bullet shapes. The craft can reach speeds of up to 200 mph (322 km/h) and ranges of up to 200 miles using four additional cruise-optimized props on the backs of the wings and tail fins.

Thanks to advances in electric motors, software, batteries, and other components, the air taxi field has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Major tech players such as Google’s Larry Page are injecting tens of millions of dollars into startups, while aerospace industry mainstays like Airbus SE and Boeing Co. are keen for a slice of the pie. Relative newcomer Uber Technologies Inc. is also working on an air taxi service, provisionally titled Uber Elevate. Joby Aviation hopes to produce the S2 for around US$200,000. Thanks to its fully electric operation, running costs should be a fraction of those incurred by a typical helicopter.

最近,随着Joby Aviation航空公司与一批重量级行业投资者成功签署协议,乘坐空中出租车将不再是科幻情节,而即将变成现实。

Joby Aviation航空公司的研究人员指出,超过10亿人每天花费在交通上的时间超过1小时。Joby Aviation航空公司是一家风投支持的初创公司,目前在圣克鲁兹和加利福尼亚州Redwood City设有办事处。交通排放是地球上最大的污染源之一。道路、公路、桥梁和隧道等出行基础设施的维护和建造成本变得越来越高。因此,该公司的主要任务是解决这些问题,为人们提供安全且经济的空中出行工具,同时推动向可持续交通转型。

最近, Joby Aviation航空公司从多名投资者处筹资了1亿美元,其中包括美国捷蓝航空公司( Jetblue)、丰田公司和英特尔旗下的风险投资公司。十年来,这家初创公司一直计划制造安全、实惠和可持续的空中出租车,此举帮助该公司又向前迈出了一大步。凭借新的注资, Joby Aviation航空公司现拥有约1.3亿美元资金引领开发新的空中出租车。

未来将有几十款电动或混合动力空中出租车投入生产, Joby Aviation航空公司的策略打破了其十年的运营模式,远离大众视线制定开发计划。不过, 该公司透露,他们的电动空中出租车“绝对是全新发明”。除了零排放外,该飞行车辆因具有超静音、飞行速度快的优点而将成为极具吸引力的可行性交通替代方案。

Joby S2是一款引人瞩目的双座飞机概念车,它采用12个倾斜电动螺旋桨,具备多旋翼式平衡垂直起降能力。当它达到巡航速度时,这些转子折叠成空气动力子弹形状。这种飞行器的速度可以达到200英里/小时( 322公里/小时),在机翼和尾翼后部使用四个额外的巡航优化推进器,最高航程可达200英里。

得益于电机、软件、电池和其他部件的技术进步,过去几年间,空中出租车领域的发展突飞猛进。Google的首席执行官Larry Page等主要技术巨头纷纷向各创业企业注入上千万美元的资金,而空客和波音等重要航空航天公司也不遗余力地想要分一杯羹。此外,相对后来者优步技术公司( Uber Technologies Inc.)正在开发一款名为Uber Elevate的空中出租车。Joby Aviation航空公司希望推出售价约为20万美元的S2。由于全电动操作,其运行成本将仅为传统直升机成本的一小部分。

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