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2018 marks the 200th anniversary of Madame Clicquot’s rosé champagne crafted from still white wines and red-wine grapes from the Bouzy region. The present day-version continues its legacy of blending savoir-faire by Cellar Master Domonique Demarville. The tipple now comprises grapes from up to 60 vineyards and is a result of a three-year maturation period. The latest expression pairs well with seafood, duck, cold cuts and red fruits. 2018年是凯歌夫人玫瑰香槟诞生200周年。凯歌夫人200年前将产自布齐地带的红酒葡萄与白葡萄酒进行调配,酿制成玫瑰香槟。时至今天,领导酒庄的酿酒大师Domonique Demarville传承这个混调传统,并精益求精。这种佳酿现在结合了多达60个不同园区的葡萄酿品,并在酒窖中陈年三年才公开,与海鲜、鸭肉、冷盘和红色水果是绝佳的配搭。

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