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With almost two decades of operation under its belt, the Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC) is Asia’s premier FBO (fixed-base operator) for business aircraft. Located in the region’s premier aviation hub and offering round-the-clock services, it is the ideal arrival and departure point for destinations in Mainland China, the rest of the Asia-pacific area, and far beyond. HKBAC was voted ‘Best FBO’ in ASBAA’S Icons of Aviation Awards in November 2016, while general manager Madonna Fung was named ‘Woman of the Year’ in the Asian airline industry.

HKBAC opened in 1998, and quickly built a strong reputation for providing a full range of technical support services for aircraft. It offers ground handling services as well as passenger and crew services that complement and enhance visitors’ travel experience. The HKBAC team is professionally trained to assist customers coming from many different nationalities and cultures, and prides itself on its highly personalized flight handling services.

HKBAC has been voted the Best Asian FBO in the Professional Pilot’s PRASE Survey for a record-breaking ten consecutive years (2008-2017). Its travel privileges and impressive services set it apart from others in the industry. HKBAC’S determination to pursue the highest quality underpins all of its operations, and very much shapes its corporate identity. Its commitment to safety and service is based on a desire to streamline business travel with seamless solutions, all delivered in style.

This world-leading FBO provides a full range of professional aircraft technical support services, ground handling services as well as passenger and crew services. A multi-lingual team is on hand to provide highly personalized services, including the sort that expected by the new generation of time-conscious efficiencyfocused business travellers, for whom every moment counts.

General services include flight handling and flight plan coordination, weather information, landing permit applications,

and on-site customs and immigration clearance all the way through to gourmet catering. Ground support facilities range from aircraft handling, towing, and refuelling to hangarage and repositioning.

In February 2017, HKBAC introduced the Connect System – a real-time operation process that allows registered operators to place service orders and check order status through the system via hand-held devices. It displays the latest flight schedule and requested service status in real time, and will automatically notify users of key events such as ATA / ATD by email.

In order to maintain its industry-leading status, HKBAC makes constant improvements to its services and facilities. Recent infrastructure upgrades include increased aircraft parking capacity, a dedicated underground piping system for fuelling, and renovations to the executive terminal, apron and the three hangar complexes. The new Mobile Operating System (MOS) means that operators can complete flight bookings, make changes, and record additional orders on a single, one-stop platform. Once a service request is carried out by HKBAC’S operations team, a realtime completion status will be sent to clients.

One of the most crucial considerations for business jet owners is parking. HKBAC has taken advantage of Hong Kong International Airport’s new stands to ensure a zero rejection rate for parking since December 2016. As for landing slots, HKIA’S status as an international and regional aviation hub means that availability has always been limited. To counteract this issue, HKBAC makes consistent efforts to enhance take-off and landing arrangements for business aviation. It is currently working with Hong Kong CAD, AA, and all business aviation operators to streamline the application process for runway slots.

凭借近二十年的运营经验,屡获殊荣的香港商用航空中心( HKBAC)已成为亚洲主要商用飞机的固定运营商( FBO)。香港商用航空中心交通便利,位于该地区首屈一指的航空枢纽处,提供全天候服务,成为往返中国大陆、亚太其他地区及更远目的地的理想抵达和出发点。2016年11月,香港商用航空中心在 亚洲商务航空协会( ASBAA)的Icons of Aviation Awards颁奖礼上被评选为“最佳固定基地运营商”,其总经理Madonna Fung被评为亚洲航空业“年度最佳女性”。


在专业飞行员的PRASE调查中,香港商用航空中心连续十年( 2008年至2017年)被评选为亚洲最佳固定基地运营商。它的旅行特权和令人叹服的服务使其在业内脱颖而出。香港商用航空中心追求最高品质的决心为所有业务奠定了基础,奠定了企业形象。该中心凭借无缝解决方案竭力简化商务旅行,始终致力于实现和确保飞行安全与服务。



2017年2月,香港商用航空中心推出实时操作流程Connect System,注册运营商可使用手持设备在系统上下达服务订单,查看订单状态。它能实时显示最新的航班时刻表和请求的服务状态,通过电子邮件自动通知用户关键事件,如ATA / ATD。

为了保持行业领先地位,香港商用航空中心不断完善服务和设施。近期的基础设施升级包括扩大飞机停放能力,加油的专用地下管道系统,整修行政航站楼、停机坪和三大机库。全新的“移动操作系统”( Mobile Operating System)意味着运营商可以在单一的一站式平台上完成航班预订、更改订单,记录更多订单。香港商用航空中心的运营团队一旦完成服务请求,即可将实时完成状态发送给客户。


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