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With a packed schedule of recent and upcoming events, Wingsoverasia is pushing the envelope for the private and recreational flying community in the Asia-pacific region. Based out of Singapore’s Seletar Airport, the bespoke flying club is also well known for its annual aviators’ gathering for members and honoured guests. This year’s edition of the event – the WOA Aviation Hangar 66 Open House – took place between 6th and 10th February.

One of the highlights of the open house was a static display featuring a variety of private and business aircraft. hselected areas in the facilities were open to visitors, including a very popular Flight Simulator Room. Further highlights included guided tours of the hangar, which were led by WOA staff and CLUBWOA member volunteers. Several aircraft had their Asia premieres at the event, including the Piper M600, while brand new models such as the Cirrus SR22 and Kodiak K100 Amphibious Seaplane were on display. Particularly eye-catching was a special exhibit of a Limited Edition Aston Martin Vantage GT8 – the only one of its kind in Singapore. Two public seminars took place on the final day of the event, entitled Learning to Fly and The Nuts & Bolts of Private Aircraft Ownership.

Looking ahead, Wingsoverasia is set to celebrate its tenth anniversary as well as 15 years online with what promises to be an impressive feat. Founder Ng Yeow Meng is planning to embark on a unique 6 Continents of the World Fly Tour with a select

group of CLUBWOA members. Neither a world-record attempt nor a publicity stunt, the event is designed to commemorate WOA’S pioneering work in cross-border flying around Asia since 2004.

Led by Meng himself, a maximum of five participating aviators will attempt the journey in four globe-spanning ‘Acts’, starting in Singapore. The first segment will kick off in Southeast Asia in the springtime, covering Asia Pacific all the way to South America. The second act will blaze a trail through Latin America and the Caribbean to North America, and after a month-long intermission in June, will continue to Europe and Africa. The final leg, ending in October, will make an epic sweep across the Middle East and India back to Southeast Asia. Along the way, participants will be hosted by Meng’s personal friends from around the world.

The journey will focus on shared experiences and making the sort of unforgettable memories that money can’t buy – one of WOA’S mission statements since the start. The aircraft will be accompanied by an escort complete with photo and video equipment to record proceedings for a special anniversary picture book.

Also coming up this springtime is the WOA Golf Challenge 2018 in Malacca. Perfect for aviators who feel just as home on the fairway, the event will be hosted by John Giddens at the Orna Golf & Country Club on the weekend of April 7th and 8th. On the Saturday, participating golfers will gather in Malacca and get to know each other over lunch at Orna Golf and Country Club. After a day of golfing events they will reconvene at the Majestic Hotel for dinner and prize giving at the ‘Melba at the Mansion’ restaurant. Sunday includes free time to explore Malacca, along with a casual on Jonkers Street.

在近期频频举行各种航空盛会中,亚洲大型私人飞机俱乐部展翅亚洲( Wingsoverasia)将亚太区的私人和休闲飞行行业带向了高潮。该专属飞行俱乐部活动以新加坡的实里达机场为基地,因每年吸引了大批飞行员会员和嘉宾汇聚一堂而享誉盛名。今年的特别活动WOA Aviation Hangar 66开放日已于26月 日至10日举行。

此次开放日的亮点之一是各种私人和商务飞机的静态展。设施内部分区域向游客开放,包括大受欢迎的飞行模拟器室。另一大亮点包括WOA工作人员和CLUBWOA成员志愿者导览的机库游。多款飞机首次在亚洲亮相,包括派珀M600,同时展出的还有全新机型,如Cirrus SR22和Kodiak K100两栖水上飞机。最引人注目的是阿斯顿马丁限量版Vantage GT8的特展,它是唯一在新加坡展出的同类机型。活动的最后一天举行了两场公开研讨会,主题分别为“学习飞翔”( Learning to Fly)与“私人飞机所有权详情”。

展望未来, Wingsoverasia将举办成立十周年以及上线十五年庆典,这些活动必定是一次叹为观止的盛会。创始人Ng Yeow Meng计划与精选的CLUBWOA成员一起踏上独一无二的六大洲环球之旅。这次活动既不是为了打破世界记录,也不是宣传噱头,而是为了纪念2004年以来WOA在亚洲各地跨境飞行的开创性工作。

Meng将带领最多五名飞行员从新加坡起飞,进行一次四阶段环球飞行“行动”。第一阶段将于今年春季在东南亚启动,覆盖亚太地区,一路南下直至南美洲。第二阶段将穿越拉丁美洲与加勒比地区,开辟一条通往北美的线路,在6月休整一个月后,团队将继续向欧洲和非洲出发。最后一站横跨中东和印度,将于10月完成,最后返回东南亚。一路上, Meng遍布世界各地的朋友们将为参与者提供热情招待。


今年春天, 2018年WOA高尔夫挑战赛将在马六甲举行。它非常适合热爱高尔夫的飞行员, 47月 日和8日的周末, John Giddens将在奥玛高尔夫和乡村俱乐部( Orna Golf & Country Club)举办这项赛事。周六,参加高尔夫挑战赛的球手将齐聚马六甲,在俱乐部内共享午餐并彼此增进了解。经过一天的高尔夫赛事之后,球手们将再次齐聚Majestic Hotel酒店的Melba at the Mansion餐厅共进晚餐并接受颁奖。

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