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The esteemed wine critic opens a modern Korean fine dining and wine bar featuring 300 tipples by the glass and 500 references in total including a cellar selection, which includes wines Suckling has been collecting in his own cellar in Tuscany for many years. All the bottles are rated 90 points or more. Spanning more than 2000sqft housing a bar, lounge and dining room, the restaurant excels in sharing platters with must-tries like the roasted pig, prawn jang rice and hanwoo beef.这位备受推崇的美国葡萄酒评论家开办了一家现代化的韩国高端餐厅和葡萄酒吧,陈列了500款酒,包含了他在托斯卡纳酒窖里面收藏多年的葡萄酒,其中300款可以单杯售卖。所有葡萄酒均获得90分或以上。这家酒吧餐厅占地超过2000平方英尺,设有酒吧、休息室和餐厅,餐厅最出色的菜式是韩式拼盘,包括烤猪肉、虾酱饭和韩牛。

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