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The Danish furniture concept store’s 2019 collection diversifies their repertoire of luxurious home design with a new “metropolitan theme”. The 70s-era rust, mustard and browns make up a prominent new colour scheme, while trendier elements are incorporated in practical yet innovative ways, like corduroyed velvet upholstery and heat- and scratch-proof textured cement surfaces. A wide range of tonal blue and teal shades bridge the divide between the starker Nordic elements of previous seasons and new concepts of creating warmer, inviting living areas. Existing products have also been given upgrades in function and design.该丹麦家具概念店的2019年新系列为其所有豪华家居设计产品引入崭新多元化的“大都会主题”。70年代风格的铁锈红、芥末和棕色构成一种鲜明的新配色主调,并以实用创新的方式融入时尚元素,如灯芯绒座椅面料和耐热防划的纹理水泥墙面。各种蓝色和蓝绿色色调,将前几季较鲜明的北欧元素与最新的温馨好客起居室风格融合,现有产品的功能和设计也得到了升级。

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