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Silversea’s new Fincantieri-built flagship Silver Muse has arrived in the Asia-pacific. Hallmarks of the ultra-luxury brand include almost one-on-one butler service, expansive ocean-view suites, gourmet dining options, and extensive and immersive itineraries both offshore and on board for the most enriching travel experiences.

From February 2 - April 16, the cruise will be making its first Grand Pacific Voyage of 73 days visiting 39 ports in 12 countries. From Sydney and New Zealand, to South East Asia and then Japan, one can enjoy the rich juxtapositions of landscapes, cultures, heritage, and modernity. For a grand finale, guests will arrive in time for Cherry Blossom Season in Tokyo with a three-night package at the Peninsula Hotel.由Fincantieri打造的银海邮轮最新旗舰新船银妙号已经抵达亚太地区。这个超豪华品牌的标志包括近乎1:1的管家服务、宽敞的海景套房、美食餐饮选择、以及包罗万有的岸上和船上沉浸式行程,让乘客享受最丰富的旅行体验。

从22月 日至4月16日,该邮轮将首次展开为期73天的大太平洋航行之旅,到访12个国家的39个港口。从悉尼和新西兰、到东南亚、再到日本,乘客可以享受丰富的景观、文化、遗产和现代化盛宴。乘客将在樱花季节抵达行程的终点站东京,并可以享受三晚半岛酒店住宿套餐。

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