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Patisserie Chef Gael Majchrzak brings his Parisian panache to Hong Kong with the opening of Sweet Fashion House, offering desserts that amalgamate French flair with local flavours and cakes inspired by Feng Shui’s principles of balance and opposing energies. Pastries, sharing cakes, chocolates and macarons come with hints of Grand Cru Pu-erh Tea, milk tea ganache, anise flower. Sweet Fashion House开业,糕点主厨Gael Majchrzak将巴黎华丽风情带来香港,提供融合法国和本地风味的甜点,以及灵感来自风水平衡和太极能量的蛋糕。糕点、蛋糕、巧克力和蛋白杏仁饼都带有Grand Cru普洱茶、奶茶甘纳许、茴香花慕斯和乌龙茶的味道。

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