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Start on the cnr of Hol­ly­wood Rd. (H. Rd.) and Queen’s Rd. West and note many shops close Sun or Mon, and open at noon other days. Head­ing up H. Rd., first on your right is high­end vin­tage furny and home­ware at #252 Deem / 2540 2011 / deem­lim­ / fol­lowed by Kim Lai at #236 (see Jew­ellery). Exit right and push on along H. Rd. where you’ll spy cute Cor­ner Kitchen Café at #226 / 2547 8008 / on the, ahem, cor­ner of Po Yan St., with Cat St. Gallery opp. Turn right into Po Yan St. for Par­a­site at #4 (see Art for both), and Oz-de­signed sacs, slip-ons, knitwear, kaf­tans and more at Sam­bag at #6 / 2968 1285 / sam­ Cruise up Po Yan till the street meets Po Hing Fong (PHF) and you spot hand­crafted leather­wear at Fun­gus Work­shop (see Ad­vanced Shop­ping) on the cor­ner. Be sure not to miss the non­de­script façade of The Nail Li­brary (see Spa) next door at #6 – delve in­side for pam­per­ful mani/pedis. Exit right and climb up the stairs; quirky Zhan is half­way up at #10 / 2559 3001 / with lo­cal art, retro furny, h/ware, jew­els, plus m/w snips, then push on all the way to Eclec­tic Cool at #58 / 2549 6682 / eclec­tic-cool. com / with vi­brant home and life­style good­ies, plus ad­join­ing Po’s Ate­lier / 6056 8005 / posate­ / and Café Dead­end (see Lunch) at #70-72 with ar­ti­san pas­try n’ joe. Re­trace down PHF and zip right down the Pound Lane stairs to meet up with H. Rd. again. Across the road you’ll see Hol­ly­wood Cen­tre at #233, which houses the Asia Art Ar­chive (see Art), but stay to the right and skip up the stairs to club chair champ bfe­lix (see Adv. Shop­ping) on the land­ing. Carry on up the land­ing lane to meet Up­per Sta­tion St. Ei­ther zip left for quick n’ tasty Mexi bites at #1 Lit­tle Burro / lit­tle-burro. com / or turn right and nip left into Tai Ping Shan St. On the left, look for hip m/w shoes and bags at #5 Chum5 / 2548 2888, and Sin Sin Ate­lier and An­nex down the steps at 52 Sai St. (see Stand­out Stores). On the right you’ll whizz by sty­ley gent stops Mood at #22 / 2559 8308 / with pre-loved garb and bar­ber, and street threader #18a-b Juicy / 2517 3099 / with sweet tea­house #18 Teakha / 2858 9185 / / just be­hind. Carry on and take the next left into Tung St. for de­sign digs Konzepp at #50 (& #45) / 2803 0339 / / fol­lowed by #36 Eller­mann’s (see Very Use­ful) gor­geous blooms. At the bot­tom, cross over H. Rd., head down the path and right into Up­per Las­car Row, also known as Cat St. Bazaar, which heaves with ‘an­tique’ bib­ble-bob­ble. Flit along for a fix of old-fash posters, chop­sticks, jade trin­kets and the like, then at the end of the row skip up the stone steps of Lad­der St., and cross H. Rd. to Man Mo Tem­ple for an eye­wa­ter­ing in­cense mo­ment. Exit right for a swill n’ chill stop at vin-den Clas­si­fied at #108 / 2525 3454, or hearty meat mar­ket Blue Butcher (see Rest./smart) up­stairs, then march on to Chak’s at #76 (see An­tiques) for Qing porce­lain ga­lore. Keep tot­ter­ing along H. Rd. and when you hit Aberdeen St. ei­ther turn right for de­sign hub PMQ (see Stand­out Stores), or left for dandy Mous­tache at #31 (see Tai­lors), fol­lowed by Ori­ent Senses’ #29 / 2544 3398 / con­tempo sil­ver fin­ger candy, kitsch homey bits at #14 Mushroom / 2851 7688, and #19 Abou­tique / 2851 6055 / abou­ / stocks glammy gal-wear from brands like Dag­mar, Cameo and Lulu Frost. Out­fit sorted, now time to push on, Pam... / cont’d

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