Research on the Temperature Field of Penetration Pieces in Cargo Machinery Room of LNG Carrier

WANG Lei, SHAN Wei, WANG Guo-ping, LIU Tao, XU Da-sheng

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering - - 设计与研究 -

( Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai 200129, China)

Abstract: Cargo machinery room is an important part of the liquid cargo system on the large liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG) carrier. It is the core sector to maintain stable pressure in the pipelines and to carry out liquid cargo delivery and transfer. This paper studies the penetration pieces and its surrounding temperature field of the cargo machinery room on the large LNG carrier, where the finite element method is used to calculate the temperature field corresponding to different material and environmental factors, and to analyze the significance of each influencing factor and the formation of the temperature field. The weak regions that need to be reinforced are identified through analyzing both the performance and the temperature field distribution of different materials, and the size to be reinforced is comprehensively evaluated based on the calculation results. Through the study, it is found that the temperature gradient is larger in the region closer to the low temperature tube where the temperature drop is also faster. If ordinary steel is used, the low temperature area is about 4 times the section of the tube. However, stainless steel material can effectively reduce the low temperature area. This study provides some theoretical basis for construction and deck stability design, and is helpful for design optimization.

Key words: LNG; liquid cargo system; penetration piece; temperature field; finite element method

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