Verification Method for Intrinsically Safe Circuit


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering - - 电气与自动化 -

( CCS Rules & Technology Center, Shanghai 200135, China)

Abstract: In consideration of the importance of calibration for intrinsically safe circuit in the production safety and the new requirements for the documentation to be submitted for the approval of intrinsically safe circuits according to China Classification Society(CCS) RULES FOR CLASSFICATION OF SEA-GOING STEEL SHIPS 2015, this paper presents the components of intrinsically safe circuit and introduces the basic concept of intrinsically safe parameters; then describes the details of the verification method for the intrinsically safe circuit both with only one associated apparatus and with more than one associated apparatus; deduces the calculation formula of the longest length permitted for cables and summarizes the possible intrinsically safe circuit types on different ships. Examples are given to show what parameter contents and conclusions should be included in the intrinsically safe circuit profile.

Key words: intrinsically safe parameter; intrinsically safe circuit inspection; intrinsically safe cable

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