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Moun­tain Mail­man

Yang Yinke, a mail­man in a moun­tain­ous area of Shanxi Prov­ince, has climbed steep moun­tains to de­liver the mail for over 30 years. Car­ry­ing a 30-kilo­gram bag on his back, Yang sets off ev­ery day at dawn and walks over three hours on his route. Although there is a road to the moun­tain, it takes around six times longer than di­rectly climb­ing it. Yang said that he has got used to his daily climb, but he wor­ries who can take over the job when he re­tires next year.

Build­ing Roads Home

Lu Shao­liang, a 91-year-old Chi­nese vet­eran, has helped build 11 roads in his vil­lage in Tian­jin over the past 32 years. Lu said that most of his peers in the vil­lage joined the army dur­ing the Civil War (1946-1949) and the Korean War (1950-1953), but few came back. Lu said that he wor­ried his com­rades-in­arms would get lost when they wanted to re­turn if he did not build the roads. Ne­ti­zens were deeply moved by Lu’s words and ap­pealed for the govern­ment to take more care of vet­er­ans and their fam­i­lies.

Doc­tor Cash Shows Off

A doc­tor in a pub­lic hospi­tal in Nan­chang, Jiangxi Prov­ince was re­cently sus­pended from his post and is be­ing in­ves­ti­gated after he posted a pic­ture of a pile of cash on his mi­croblog, say­ing that it was the com­mis­sion he got from pre­scrib­ing drugs. Chi­nese ne­ti­zens were out­raged by his boasts, say­ing that it is un­scrupu­lous doc­tors that have greatly in­creased their med­i­cal bur­dens. Oth­ers sus­pected that the doc­tor might have posted the pic­ture on pur­pose to try to in­di­cate that such dodgy deals are ram­pant in hos­pi­tals.

Wolf Spirit Team

A beauty com­pany in Nan­chang, Jiangxi Prov­ince, has trig­gered wide con­tro­versy by ask­ing its em­ploy­ees to slap each other in the face. A video showed staff mem­bers kneel­ing in pairs and then slap­ping each other, while be­hind them hung a big screen with four Chi­nese char­ac­ters that read “Wolf Spirit Team.” The head of the com­pany told me­dia that they in­tended to en­hance team power. Ne­ti­zens mock­ingly said that if wolves hurt each other like that, they would have died out long ago.

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