A Chi­nese de­liv­ery man shot to on­line fame after he was re­vealed to be read­ing philoso­pher Friedrich Ni­et­zsche's book Thus Spoke Zarathus­tra while wait­ing for a customer to re­turn home. Chi­nese ne­ti­zens ap­plauded his pa­tience and called him a “foxi” man, mean­ing a man that al­ways keeps peace in his mind. With “fo” mean­ing “Bud­dha” and “xi” a suf­fix word mean­ing “style,” foxi orig­i­nated from the Ja­panese term “Bud­dha-style man” that de­scribes a group of men who care only about their own in­ter­ests and hobbies and re­gard dat­ing girls as trou­ble­some. How­ever, when the word spread to China at the end of 2017, its mean­ing evolved to de­scribe an at­ti­tude to­ward life – tak­ing things easy and not join­ing in any com­pe­ti­tions or bat­tles. For ex­am­ple, a “Bud­dhastyle” mom never shouts at her chil­dren no mat­ter how big a mess they make. A “Bud­dha-style” em­ployee is stoic to­ward the boss's com­ments, whether they are good or bad. Ob­servers at­tribute the word's pop­u­lar­ity to the mount­ing pres­sure on young peo­ple – when the so­cial stra­tum gets in­creas­ingly solid and when many young peo­ple found it hard to compete with those from a rich fam­ily or of a good back­ground, they be­come a “Bud­dha” that “cares about noth­ing and de­sires for noth­ing.” They be­lieve that such an at­ti­tude will re- duce their pres­sure and bring them more hap­pi­ness amid the hard­ships of life. Many an­a­lysts, how­ever, wor­ried that the spread of such an “at­ti­tude” will make young peo­ple lose their morale and am­bi­tions. Party pa­per the Peo­ple’s Daily re­cently de­liv­ered a com­men­tary on the word, warn­ing that it is too tir­ing to care about ev­ery­thing, but young peo­ple do have to pur­sue some­thing, or they will get lost on the long road of life. The com­men­tary re­ceived sup­port from a large num­ber of young peo­ple, who be­lieve that typ­i­cal “foxi” peo­ple should be those who in­sist on what they truly pur­sue re­gard­less of the en­vi­ron­ment they are in, just like the pa­tient de­liv­ery man.

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