A for Effort

A teacher at an elementary school in Jilin Province has set a good example for her peers by awarding a “most anticipate­d little star” award to a student who has been struggling to keep up with his classmates. The student, Li Hongrui, was moved to tears and promised to try harder in his studies. In China, students who fall behind are often scolded publicly by teachers and punished by parents. However, educators have warned this approach negatively affects students’ self-confidence and interest in learning. Netizens praised the teacher’s move, saying it will have a lifelong influence on Li.

Abused Husband Awarded Court Protection Order

A court in Chongqing issued the municipali­ty’s first protection order for a man suffering from domestic violence at the hands of his wife. According to police reports, the man surnamed

Zhao had sustained head and shoulder injuries after his wife, surnamed Gao, attacked him with a cleaver during a heated argument. A city court issued the order against Gao to stop violence against Zhao and warned her of the consequenc­es. Netizens said the court’s ruling raises awareness of domestic abuse against men, which often goes unreported, and that the law should protect them equally.

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