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CARINA FISCHER visits Asaya spa at the Rosewood Hong Kong


THE CONCEPT OF WELLNESS has evolved over the years to mean a holistic state of complete mental, physical and social well-being — and Rosewood Hong Kong’s Asaya spa emphasises wellness as a state of mind that can be implemente­d in our daily lives. The spa brand’s Sanskrit name means to set an intention or hope, and aligns with a vision of propelling positive self-change. Its practices are based on five pillars: fitness and nutrition, physical therapies, skin health, emotional balance, and community.

The journey to wellness begins with the environmen­t that you’re in. New-york architect Tony Chi has created the perfect atmosphere for synergisin­g mind, body and soul. Entering the spa, you’re greeted by stunning interiors of marble, glass and wood, evoking the tranquil nature of the outdoors with a minimal yet luxurious feel, and with each space flowing seamlessly into the next.

But the tranquil surrounds are only the beginning. Asaya’s integrated and customised approach results in personalis­ed programmes in a bespoke setting, based on a variety of assessment­s to address specific concerns or issues. These assessment­s include the Wellness Lifestyle Assessment,

Genetic Analysis and the 3D Facial Skin Analysis. The personalis­ation also extends to Tonic and Aroma ateliers, where homegrown herbs and essential oils are used to create individual

concoction­s for guests to use in personalis­ed treatments.

A key element in the wellness journey is nutrition, and Asaya Kitchen’s chef Renaud Marin incorporat­es a variety of raw, sprouted, pickled and fermented ingredient­s into dishes that are packed with nutrients and flavour. Inspired by Mediterran­ean and Japanese cuisines, they revolve around seasonal ingredient­s and preservati­on techniques. Asaya also offers a range of fitness programmes, including tailored routines with a personal trainer.

Although traditiona­l spa treatments, such as deep-tissue and lymphatic massages, classic foot massages and mani-pedis, are available at Asaya, it also offers less convention­al therapies. Antidote Sleep by Votary is an immersive and nurturing therapy for those suffering from insomnia or are simply unable to sleep peacefully. Posture Correcting Physiother­apy helps aid recovery while restoring mobility for long-term postural benefits. Also available are Active Isolated Stretching and Spinal Mobilisati­on Theory, both of which work to relieve tension in the muscles, increasing flexibilit­y and functional range of motion.

Skin health treatments begin with a 3D Skin Analysis to test elasticity, moisture levels and the extent of sun damage. While it may seem intimidati­ng to lay your skin concerns out in the open, it’s the first step to discoverin­g the areas that need targeting. The Skin Health Series focuses on the fundamenta­l wellbeing of the skin on a biological level. Based on the results of a 3D Skin Analysis, guests can opt for collagen-stimulatin­g RF or IPL therapy to target sun damage and hyper pigmentati­on. All treatments are used in conjunctio­n with Asaya’s core product lines, including cutting-edge French-japanese Evidens de Beauté, cult-favourite American Sunday Riley and organic British skincare by Votary. Meanwhile, GOA combines high concentrat­ions of active ingredient­s to target men’s skin health.

Healthy emotional well-being and a balanced mental state are crucial to attaining a genuinely holistic state of wellness. Personalis­ed lifestyle coaching and training are employed across a range of programmes, in which Asaya’s own experts employ techniques including mindfulnes­s practice, cognitive behavioura­l therapy, meditation and expressive arts therapy to overcome obstacles and behaviours that can be self-hindering; the programmes allow guests to delve into forms of therapy they feel comfortabl­e with. Other programmes, such as Unplug, look at technology in a new light and foster healthier habits around it, as well as One-day Wellness, an entry-level retreat for an all-round Asaya experience.

Asaya fosters a strong sense of community, with a host of serene environmen­ts in which guests can mingle. The Glass House commands panoramas of Victoria Harbour, with floor-toceiling windows bringing natural light into the space. Guests can come or go as they please — to rest, read a book or greet others. The Asaya courtyard is an additional space for personal reflection or communal hangouts with outdoor seating.

For those looking to strengthen and foster the growth of their own communitie­s, Asaya offers creative corporate and environmen­tal training for families, businesses or other groups. Indeed, the Asaya approach to wellness enables individual­s, partners and larger communitie­s to explore the world of health and wellness, and to begin a personalis­ed journey that’s tailored to specific needs. It provides the space for profound personal growth, with ample guidance and options for guests who wish to better themselves mentally and physically.

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