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The cruelty of time exempts no one

— and as we age, our production of certain important essential nutrients inevitably depletes. Refa prepares us for our battle to fight against the signs of ageing, starting with powering up our levels of collagen, the most prominent protein in our system. It’s responsibl­e for a multitude of health benefits, including building muscle mass, strengthen­ing bones, relieving joint pain and, of course, promoting skin health, and it plays a major role in improving elasticity and hydration. Collagen Enrich sets itself apart from other supplement­s, thanks to the superiorit­y of the time-reversing protein. Each 15ml dose consists of 5,000mg of extra pure collagen, making it one of the most potent supplement­s on the market. Using only the very first extract in the purificati­on process, the collagen derived is of exceptiona­l quality, purity and efficacy. With its formula developed into a low-molecular drink, it’s quickly and easily absorbed by the body to deliver the best effects.

“A delicious concoction that translates inner health into outer beauty” DARA CHAU, SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR

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