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Best Eye Lifting Formula



Not your average eye serum, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Eye Lift is the non-invasive answer to an instant eye and brow lift. The Eye Lift’s two-part formula combines the brand’s signature gold caviar beads with a silky gel-cream emulsion. The result is a serum that’s enriched with La Prairie’s winning Caviar Premier extract and its exclusive Cellular Complex, which is backed by cutting-edge biotechnol­ogy to inject new life into your cells. One small pump of the refreshing­ly indulgent serum will bring about an immediate tensing sensation. Simply start at the eye’s inner corner and dot along the eyelid crease to the outer corner, then dab along the eye’s contours for the lift your peepers have been asking for. Gentle but extremely effective, the serum tackles problem areas such as crow’s feet and under-eye puffiness with ease. When used day and night, it garners results that not only lift and firm up, but also smooth out the entire area for what appears to be fresh and well-rested eyes. No filter required.

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