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Best Semi Permanent Make up



Plucked, waxed, threaded, tinted — no matter the method, there’s an undeniable obsession with the brows that frame our faces. A most recognisab­le feature that emphasise our facial structure and characteri­stics, they also communicat­e expression­s and feelings. The time we spend on them is a reflection of their importance — drawing that perfect arch, filling in naked spots, coating individual hairs for definition and density, the list goes on. So when Careyou began offering semi-permanent make-up services, it was a time- and a life-saver for amateur, at-home artists such as ourselves. A pioneer since 2009, founder Carey Cheung is recognised as the most reputable and trusted semi-permanent make-up expert in this city. She starts off by personalis­ing the shape and effect to your liking, then utilises her masterful technique to create powder shading and hair-like embroidery that looks just like natural brows. Beyond eyebrow artistry, Careyou also provides semi-permanent eyeliner, eyelash-lift and even injectable treatments (botox and fillers) to further enhance your beauty, making it a one-stop-shop for all lasting cosmetics needs. Wake up every morning looking your best — and with minimal maintenanc­e.

Landmark Central, K11 MUSEA, Tin Hau

“Now that I’ve experience­d the liberating feeling of knowing my brows will always be on point, I refuse to go back to the days when I do them myself”


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