Revolution (Hong Kong) - - SIHH 2017 - TEXT BY SEAN LI

When Max­i­m­il­ian Büsser pre­sented the Horo­log­i­cal Ma­chine no. 8 Can-Am, he did spec­ify, with a lit­tle glint in his eye, that he wasn’t skip­ping a num­ber; HM7 would come soon. Af­ter a few months, he took the wraps off the new time­piece, nick­named “Aqua­pod.” The first re­ac­tion it gen­er­ally in­voked at SIH was, “MB&F has made a div­ing watch!” While there is a marine in­spi­ra­tion, we would not ven­ture too far into the deep blue with an Aqua­pod strapped to the wrist. The de­sign is ac­tu­ally de­rived from the jel­ly­fish, and upon closer in­spec­tion, the par­al­lels are quite ob­vi­ous, es­pe­cially if you hold the watch and let the strap hang down. Pho­tos (yet again) don’t do it jus­tice, be­cause HM7 is, in spite of its large di­am­e­ter, quite del­i­cately de­tailed. The ce­ramic bezel, which is what draws the im­me­di­ate com­par­i­son to a div­ing watch, is thin and light, cir­cling the brain of the ma­chine rather than pro­tect­ing it. Its party trick is when you ven­ture into the dark with the HM7, as the time­piece, just like its or­ganic cousin, emits a blue lu­mi­nes­cence. The ef­fect is am­pli­fied thanks to three panels of Am­bi­ent Glow Tech­nol­ogy (AGT) Ul­tra, placed in­side the move­ment, that draw at­ten­tion to the fly­ing tour­bil­lon.

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