Revolution (Hong Kong) - - SIHH 2017 - TEXT BY JEAN PASCAL

While some time­pieces seek to emit light, a hand­ful are now start­ing to ex­plore the op­po­site, and are trap­ping light. This is the case with MCT’s col­lab­o­ra­tion with Bri­tish artist Sir Anish Kapoor (yes, he’s a knight). He’s known as a sculp­tor, but he had the fore­sight to ac­quire the ex­clu­sive rights to a unique ma­te­rial called Vantablack. It’s es­sen­tially a sub­stance that’s pro­duced us­ing car­bon nan­otubes, from which its name is de­rived – Ver­ti­cally Aligned Nan­oTube Ar­rays.” While most of it see black as, well, black, Vantablack goes fur­ther by ab­sorb­ing 99.965% of the vis­i­ble spec­trum. The re­main­ing 0.035% is hardly per­cep­ti­ble to the naked eye, which gives you the im­pres­sion that there noth­ing there, since there is (al­most) no light be­ing re­flected off the sur­face. MCT worked with Kapoor to de­sign this spe­cial ver­sion of the S110 Evo; with Vantablack ap­plied to the lower part of the dial, it makes the mech­a­nism ap­pear to float above it. The ma­te­rial is also used on the op­po­site end of the minute hand, shaped like a small moon which oc­ca­sion­ally ap­pears if it’s above an­other part of the mech­a­nism.

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