A discussion on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the context of the combination of exhibition and education// LIANG Zhaozheng

Science Education and Museums - - —高点层论 — -

Author's address Shanghai science & technology museum, e-mail: [email protected] Abstract In the science and technology museums, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality is not only a specific technology but also a basic method. The most important feature of Virtual Reality is visualization, so that the untouchable objects become touchable. The most important feature of Augmented Reality is combining the virtual and real world to realize the visualization of the dynamic process. The combination of exhibition and education can "develop a simple topic to a good story". The "topic"0 here refers to the exhibits. The education activities which base on the Virtual Reality or Augmented reality technology can "develop" the "topic" to "a good story". the combination of exhibits and activities can add charms to the museum. The integration of technologies and activities can help museum interpret the scientific principles. Keywords Virtual reality, augmented reality, visualization, exhibition and education

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