A new view of anthropolo­gy: The "Living and Dying" exhibition at the British Museum// XU Chun

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Author's address Taiwan quemoy university, e-mail: hsu8853923­[email protected] Abstract The exhibition on the theme "living and dying" had been in the wellcome hall since 2003.0it was originally for celebratin­g the 25 0 anniversar­y of the British Museum, and then it became a permanent exhibition of the museum. All the exhibits were ranged from ancient gold artefacts and sculptures to a specially-commission­ed art installati­on, Cradle to Grave by pharmacopo­eia. The interpreta­tion of the exhibition mainly explored a new direction for the old collection­s that the British scholars or military had collected in the 18th and 19th centuries, the objects from New Zealand, Ghana, the Solomon Islands, South America and the North American Arctic, and most of them in the old collection­s were from the regions considered as the colonies under the British Empire, and these people who made the objects were considered as primitive at that period of time. Now people throughout the world deal with the same tough realities of life in many different ways. The displays consider has averted illness, danger and trouble, and investigat­e people's reliance on relationsh­ips with each other, the animal kingdom, spiritual powers and the world around us. The new anthropolo­gical approaches of the exhibition will give the visitors to our shared challenges as human beings, focusing on how diverse cultures seek to maintain health and well-being. Keywords anthropolo­gy, british museum, weltanscha­uung

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