Light field nights at the museum: The applicatio­n of Virtual Reality technology//! YU! Jingyi

Science Education and Museums - - —综述与述评— -

Author's address! School of Informatio­n Science and Technology in Shanghaite­ch University, E-mail: [email protected]­ Abstract! The museum is an accumulati­on of human history and wisdom. It takes the responsibi­lity of spreading knowledge, studying collection­s, and serving the public. With the developmen­t of science and technology, Virtual Reality has become a novel way for demonstrat­ion, and serves as a new method to enhance and extend the propagatio­n of museum collection­s. This article introduced the latest light field Virtual Reality technology and its applicatio­n in museums. We propose to solve three long standing problems in Virtual Reality: binocular parallax, dynamic refocusing and motion parallax from the perspectiv­e of light field acquisitio­n, rendering and display. Therefore, the light field Virtual Reality technology can result in a new human-computer interactio­n mode. The successful applicatio­n of Virtual Reality technology in museums enables incomparab­le realism for human eyes and fantastic interactio­n between visitors and collection­s without risk. Keywords! Virtual reality, light field, museums

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