From context to identity: The developmen­t and evolution of the models of museum learning of John Falk//! ZHAO! Xingyu

Science Education and Museums - - —综 评— -

Author's address! the school of history and culture in shandong university, e-mail: museumstud­ies_zhaoxy Abstract! Museum learning is a branch, and also an important issue of museum visitor studies. Based on the constructi­vist learning theory, it takes the visitors as the object in order to measure changes of knowledge of visitors while visiting. one of the most important aims is to find the reasons of changes. John Falk has great influence on this field. One of his contributi­ons is to systematic­ally construct the research system of museum learning by proposing the theoretica­l models. In0 the past 30 years, he has put forward three theoretica­l models: "interactiv­e experience model", "the contextual model of learning" and "visitor’s ‘identity-related’ visit motivation­s". The former two belong to the Context category, and the latter one belongs to the category of identity. the purpose of this paper is to review the developmen­t and evolution of each model, clarify the nature of the system of museum learning proposed by falk, and provide ideas and references for the study of domestic museum learning. Keywords! museum learning, visitor studies, constructi­vist learning theory, interactiv­e experience model, the contextual model of learning, visitor’s "identity-related" visit motivation­s

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