A preliminar­y study of visitor behavior in museum: Taking the exhibition "Extinction: Not the End of the World?" in the Shanghai Natural History Museum as an example//% XU% Lei,% DENG% Zhuo,% ZHU% Qiao,/ GU% Jieyan

Science Education and Museums - - —期本 专题:科学传播学与科学博物­馆— -

First-author's address% Shanghai Natural History Museum (Branch of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum), e-mail: [email protected]

Abstract% Behavior observatio­n is an important method of visitor research in museums, and through the observatio­n result, researcher­s can know visitors learning patterns and the attraction power of the exhibition. the paper used a random sample of 200 people who had visited the exhibition "extinction: Not the E nd of the World?"0 in the Shanghai Natural History Museum. Through undisturbe­d observatio­n, interviews and follow-up telephone interviews, we endeavor to record the time duration and behavior of visitors’, and analyze their learning outcomes. From the behavior study, we concluded that interactiv­e exhibits, large specimens, and the exhibits which closely related to life have

’ strong attraction power. the location of the exhibit may also affect visitor s choice.

Keywords% museum, visitor study, behavior observatio­n, exhibit effect

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