On CHU Coching’s phenology education poems// WEI Yongqiong

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Author's Address School of Education Science (School of Teacher Education) in Jiangsu Normal University, E-mail: fangfang960627@163.com Abstract Recently, phenology has developed in pluralism of discipline with the ecological civilization construction. it brings out the relation of man and nature that is not as to the relation of animals and plants. The latter is straightforward. Former is by the latter recognize nature. It is called phenology education. CHU Coching is the first researcher that had found the Chinese ancient poetry are climatology. this is a combine humanities and science. this paper on a way indicates that the chinese ancient poetry has a natural philosophy and it is a phenology education poem. Keywords CHU Coching, phenology education poems, ecological civilization construction, natural ontology 2018, 4(5) Science Education and Museums 335

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