Conservati­on and restoratio­n of paper ancient books on science and technology: A case study of Notes for the Treatise on Febrile Disease in Museum of Xishui// xie meng, zhao yanhong, ye yinghong

Science Education and Museums - - —实践探索— -

First-author's Address Hubei provincial museum, e-mail: xiaoxiaotu­[email protected]

Abstract Ancient books are precious treasures of human civilizati­on, left by the ancientors. Taking Notes for the Treatise on Febrile Disease in museum of xishui as an example, this paper illustrate­s a comprehens­ive process of conservati­on and restoratio­n of scientific and techical ancient books made of paper materials. First of all, the basic informatio­n, the cultural relics' value and the current condition should be evaluated. Secondly, every step should be strictly conducted according to correspond­ing principles and methods of restoratio­n. Finally, the environmen­t of preservati­on after the restoratio­n should be controlled.

Keywords paper ancient books, evaluation of preservati­on condition, principles and requiremen­ts of restoratio­n, control of preservati­on environmen­t

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