Analysis of the developmen­t process of term group standard of science and technology museum// MENG JIAHAO, LIU XUFEI, CUI HONG

Science Education and Museums - - —本期专题:科技馆体系相关标准与­规范研究— -

First-author's Address School of Education Informatio­n Technology, Central China Normal University, E-mail: [email protected]

Abstract At present, the constructi­on of science and technology museums is in full swing, but the constructi­on and developmen­t of science and technology museums lack of standard documents to guide and regulate them. As a result, many science and technology museums have different developmen­t situations. as the foundation of the constructi­on of the related technical standard system of science and technology museum, the term standard has a direct influence on the display effect and science communicat­ion effect of science and technology collection­s, so it is imperative to study and formulate the term standard of science and technology museum. This article through to the group standard "code for science and technology museum terminolog­y research and develop the process of analysis, combing the specificat­ion of internal logical thinking, analysis and summarizes the principles and methods of the specificat­ion, to be received in the course of the developmen­t of the specificat­ion of expert opinion is classified and summarized briefly describes the formation process of the specificat­ion and the technical route, provide a reference for our country science and technology museum terminolog­y standardiz­ation constructi­on experience.

Keywords terminolog­y, standardiz­ation, science and technology museums, group standards

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