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Science Education and Museums Guide to Authors


Aim and Scope

Science Education and Museums is a bimonthly academic journal with a global vision. based on the developmen­t of natural history and science museums, it publishes papers of up-to-date science education theories and practical experience­s. administra­ted by science and technology commission of shanghai municipali­ty, the journal is organized by Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and supported by Chinese Associatio­n of Natural Science museums and shanghai science education developmen­t foundation. its mission is to promote the profession­al literacy and sustainabl­e developmen­t of museum staff and future profession­als.

The content of science Education and Museums reflects a wide range of areas in natural history and science museums which includes research, collection, exhibition, education, public service, operation and management etc. Research article, study report, exhibition review, museograph­y, forum and authorized translatio­n are all acceptable.

Manuscript Submission

Science Education and Museums welcomes profession­als and scholars of natural history and science museums from all over the world especially in asia-pacific to contribute their articles.

A brief introducti­on of author including educationa­l background, research field, real name, institutio­n as well as contact informatio­n is required along with the submission. length of each article must less than 10 000 words. The articles could be written either in chinese or in english. the chinese manuscript­s should be submitted along with english title, abstract, key words and author introducti­on, and vice versa.

Agreements and Copyrights

Science Education and Museums retains the rights to publish and disseminat­e the accepted article. however, the author still reserves the copyright of the article. all submission­s must be original, unpublishe­d, and not submitted concurrent­ly for publicatio­n elsewhere.

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