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‘The Wild Life’ ‘The Yinyang Master’


It is the seventh installmen­t of the “Boonie Bears” series, follows Bald Qiang’s adventure to a wonderland where he discovers a scheme against animals. Dubbing: Zhang Wei, Zhang Bingjun and Tian Xiao

The film is a mobile-gameturned fantasy epic. It follows Qing Ming, a man who is capable of traversing between the worlds of humans and monsters, to protect a city. Starring: William Wai-Ting Chan, Chen Kun and Qu Chuxiao

‘New Gods: Nezha Reborn’

Produced by the Light

Chaser Animation, the animation is a modern tale of a mythical character, Nezha, who becomes a real man 3,000 years after he defeated the Dragon King. Dubbing: Yang Tianxiang, Zhang He and Xuan Xiaoming

Where to watch: Grand Theater Cinema, Cathay Cinema, Premiere Cinemas, UME Internatio­nal Cineplex, SFC New World Cinema City, Peace Cinema, Shanghai Film Art Center and Wanda Cinemas

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