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Only got fat pork and flour? Try making pork mooncake


Standing in queue to buy fresh pork mooncakes used to be a daily routine for many Shanghai residents. Using the fat pork and Fuling pickle in the gift pack, as well as … lipstick, I achieved the same tastes at the Shanghai time-honored brands.


Meat filling: 200g pork, 50g Fuling pickle, 8ml dark soy sauce, 8ml light soy sauce, 2g pepper powder, 20g granulated sugar, 3g salt, 5ml liquor Soft dough: 110g (or 210ml) flour, 5g granulated sugar, 15g lard, 15g peanut oil, 55ml water at 80 degrees Pastry dough: 60g (or 115ml) low gluten flour or 48g (or 90ml) flour and 12g (or 25ml) starch, 30g lard


1. Fry the fat pork to get the lard, cool to

home temperatur­e.

2. Make the meat filling: Chop the pork

into mince, mix and combine all the ingredient­s well. Cover and set aside in fridge.

3. Make the soft dough: Add the flour, sugar and lard to a mixing bowl, and mix until thoroughly combined. Then slowly add the water in three to four batches and knead the dough to form a smooth dough ball. Set it aside and cover with a damp cloth. Make sure the dough is not too dry. 4. Make the pastry dough: Combine the flour and lard, and knead to form a dough ball. Cover with clear plastic wrap and let it sit in fridge for 20 minutes. 5. Press the soft dough into a round shape, put the pastry dough in the center, wrap up, close to seal and use your palms to flatten. Then roll it out into a large oblong shape. Then roll it up from the long side. 6. Cut into eight small pieces, press

edges together.

With a rolling pin, roll the dough bun7. dle out into a 10cm circle. Add about one tablespoon (about 20g) of meat filling to the center, and seal tightly. Be careful with the filling — make sure they are tightly sealed or they will burst open during the baking process. 8. Lightly press the dough to form it into

a flat mooncake shape. 9. Write the Chinese characters on the mooncake with lipstick, a signature of the time-honored brands.

10. Heat oven to 190 degrees. Bake for eight minutes. Turn upside down. Bake for eight minutes again.

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